in | 11 Jan 2018

This Seasons Survival-tools for Your Skin


We are pretty used to taking care of our skin over the summer, protecting and moisturizing  our way through the sunshine. Unfortunately, winters are a lot less fun for this part of our body. The cold, windy weather in contrast to high and dry central heating can be pretty ruthless. We have listed five survival tips to give our largest organ the extra love and care it needs this time of the year.


1. Moisturize, A LOT.

Because of the dehydrating conditions outside and inside, our skins are very thirsty, so especially right after you wash or rinse, ideally within 30 seconds, make sure you put on enough moisturizer. Overnight your skin is most absorbent, so that's the time to replenish it. When you have the common problem of dry skin on your hands and feet, it could help to seal your hydrating-process by putting some extra moisturizer on and sleep wearing cotton gloves or socks (no shame in this game). 


2. Exfoliate.

As much as we love to moisturize, we won't come far when our skin is ducked under in a layer of dead skin cells (ergh). Let your pores breathe! Especially your hands and face need gentle exfoliation on the regular. Body scrubs are great too, and can be a bit more rough. If you like to DIY, you can use a blend of organic coffee-grind and coconut-oil. 


3. Boost from the inside out

We all know that exercise and eating well adds to a vibrant glow. A good sweat opens up clogged pores and enhances blood circulation, and obviously wholesome, unprocessed, fresh foods are best for your skin. Make sure you get enough Vitamin C and Zinc, to support collagen produce. It doesn't have to be really complex, just drink enough water, eat your fruits and veggies, and most importantly: cut out the processed evils. Truly want to rinse your body from the inside out and overflow it with vitamins on your way to clear skin and a clean slate, a juice cleanse is a great way to reboot and kickstart that process. More info here.


4. Rinse with lukewarm water.

As much as we adore hot steaming showers and baths in the cold, hot water strips away much of the oils that are essential to keep our skin hydrated. Especially when it comes to your face and hands, try using lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser to clean. Avoid face wipes as they have a dehydrating effect too.


5. Choose your products wisely

Avoiding toxins is not a seasonal tip, but when it comes to beauty products, be extra mindful of what you put on your body. Even ‘natural’ products could contain chemicals that actually dehydrate or trigger breakouts. Try going for an oil-based rather than a water-based formula. We love Tata Harper Skincare and Abel Natural Perfume. For more low-key options: avocado, banana, honey, yoghurt and olive, almond or coconut oil, they may be the ingredients to your smoothie, but also to a great home-made hydrating mask. Mix to a paste and leave on your skin for about 10-15 minutes.