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We love just about everything about summer. Everything except allergies, of course. With the warmer months come more allergens, leaving many of us sniffling or congested. And that’s definitely not how you want to spend the glorious summer.


Unfortunately, allergies are on the rise. These unpleasant reactions occur when you touch, inhale, eat or inject something that causes your immune system to go into overdrive, and they are no joke. While it’s easy to control allergens that you’d eat or inject (try a juice cleanse to reset your immune system!), it’s much more difficult to combat the allergens that we inhale or touch in our homes.


Sure, we could live in a bubble so as to avoid dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mould, but that’s just not realistic. Instead, we like to employ a few tips and tricks in order to better control our environments. Though we can’t banish allergies for good, we can at least greatly reduce their negative effects on our lives.

It may sound like a crazy statistic, but 30 percent of people who have any allergies are also allergic to dogs and cats. We would never suggest getting rid of pets – we aren’t monsters – but it can be important to keep them out of your bedroom. You spend the majority of your time at home in the bedroom, so it’s best to keep this space free of pet dander so you can sleep without exposing yourself to allergens.

If you’re like us, you love to collect beautiful items that hold lots of meaning for you, picking up things on your travels and gathering trinkets you find right here in Amsterdam. While we love having all of these special things on display, those piles and layers of stuff in your home can actually become a breeding ground for allergens. Minimising the clutter you have out can help in reducing allergens, so choose a few particular favourites to have on display at once. You can cycle through them to always keep things fresh. In the same vein, you should keep all your dirty clothes together in a hamper far away from your living area and bedroom until you’re ready to wash them. Don’t forget to leave your shoes at the front door as well.

And speaking of clean and clear, it’s important to ensure all your counter spaces are free from too much clutter or leftover crumbs. This will keep unwanted visitors (cockroaches and other insects) away. Be sure to vacuum the counters frequently as well, as this will help reduce the presence of dust mites. If you’re particularly sensitive, you can wear a mask while you vacuum and then stay away from the space for a few hours, as the vacuuming will stir up those pesky dust mites.

Before you hit the hay in the evening, we always recommend taking a quick shower. This will rinse your body and hair of any allergens like pollen that could be lurking. Once you’re ready for bed, you want to select breathable, organic materials that don’t contain any chemicals that could trigger allergies. We love the natural mattresses and bedding from Coco-Mat as they are comfortable and also more resistant to mites, microbes and other allergens.

And, finally, you always have to think about the air quality. It may seem like the air inside your home must be cleaner than outside, but in fact, it is often two to five times worse. That’s why we suggest investing in a high quality air purifier. This will help greatly reduce allergen particles like pet dander, pollen or dust, as it will remove them from the air, rather than simply redistributing them.

So here’s to an allergy-free summer! Breathe it all in.


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