in | 29 Nov 2018



This week at TCPJ we decided to become MythBusters. After noticing the same questions time and time again, we figured it was about time we investigate your queries and debunk all of these health myths. Many “juice haters” and even some of the lovers still hit us with one enormous question time and time again: why are you so freaking expensive?! We get it! If you don’t know what you’re paying for, it can seem like highway robbery.


But really, we are here to make you a happier, healthier version of yourself. We are here for you. So we hope you can trust us when we say that we make them as economical as we possibly can without compromising on quality. We pack innumerable vitamins, minerals and nutrients into that €7,25 -€8,75 large bottle of goodness. 


We try to minimise the cost for you as much as possible, but there are a few reasons the price tag may seem a bit steep. The first is that we choose only the best, freshest produce, 100% of which is organic. We do this not only because this produce tastes better and is better for your health but also because it’s the responsible thing to do to help keep our planet healthy. Unfortunately, as much as we love this vibrant, organic produce, it comes with a much higher price tag than the fruit and veg you may pick up at your regular supermarket that is sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best quality, so we think it is a worthy cost. Health is wealth overall. Doctors cost will cost you more if you compromise on the most important thing and that is, you! Your health.


Another factor that contributes to the overall cost of your gorgeous juices is the fact that we also insist on paying our farmers and growers fair wages. These people take so much care and attention to grow the very best produce they can, and they deserve to be fairly compensated. Now who can argue with that?


Many juice shops fill up their juices with the cheap stuff, trying to bulk up their juices with inexpensive ingredients, without saving you money. They opt for ingredients like apples and cucumbers over the true superfoods. We, however, want to ensure that you get everything you deserve, which is why we never water our juices down. Instead, we pack them chock full of incredible (if pricey) ingredients like algae and other superfoods.


Finally, we are moving away from plastic packaging. Because we are committed to reducing waste, saving our oceans and protecting our land resources, we are opting for utensils and straws made from corn by-products and glass jars for all of our healthy salads. Both of these, while great for the environment and reducing waste, contribute to a slightly higher cost.


 Basically, it’s simple economics. But if you still don’t believe us, we want to draw your attention to a little experiment we ran a while ago that might just get you on our side. We headed out to an organic supermarket in Amsterdam and picked up the ingredients to make two 500ml bottles of The Fix and juiced them up at home. Ready to see some numbers?


Ingredients for 2 x 500ml The Fix


2 x bags of kale             €5.98

2 x lemons                    €1.98

2 x bags of spinach       €4.98

1 x cucumber                €0.99

2 x heads romaine        €2.98

1 x bunch parsley          €1.99

1 x bunch ginger           €0.99



That’s €11.14 for one juice. That €8.75 isn’t looking half bad now is it? That’s not to mention all the labour we save you from juicing yourself and cleaning the machine as well as the quality assurance. Our products are totally delicious 100% of the time. And last but not least the most important factor of all, or at least just as important. Our juices are cold-pressed. You cannot make a cold-pressed juice at home, meaning we extract more minerals, vitamins and nutrients than you will ever be able to do at home. Cold-pressing is a long, labour-intensive process, but it is still the best way to make the best juice on the planet! And let’s not forget, taste.


So though at first glance it may seem pricey, we think you’ll agree that the price, in fact, is just right. After all, we are the Rolls Royce, the Dom Pérignon, the ultimate in quality when it comes to juice. Looking to cut down costs even more? Buy one of our loyalty cards and get an extra 10% to spend in store! Ask in store if you want to enjoy this discount on all produce at every store.