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When it comes to health and fitness, there’s one guy that always springs to mind: Ed van Lierde. This top athlete has been an avid fan and devotee of The Cold Pressed Juicery since we opened our very first doors back in 2014, and you can certainly tell by how great he looks and performs when he’s competing. He ditched sugar and leads an enviably healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to find out how this pro sailor keeps happy, healthy and vibrant.


Hi Ed! We’re so glad you’ve taken the time to speak to us today. We are so fascinated by your work; can you tell us a bit about your job?

I’m a professional yachtsman, and I compete in regattas and have done so for 25 years. Well I always loved the water, as I grew up in a small village on a big lake where there were guys building race boats and one of the best sailing teams in Holland was training. Even at 15 or 16, I was totally into it, and I asked the guys if I could join, and I was just really lucky. And I’ve never stopped sailing. I sail all kinds of boats from super yachts with 25 crew to smaller ones with just a few other guys, and I’ve sailed in the around the world races and the America’s Cup. I’ve really always been attracted to the water, in the water, whether it’s windsurfing or swimming or sailing.

You’re a true water baby. So one of the things we think is so cool about you is the fact that you’re sugar-free. Can you tell us how long ago you kicked the habit and why?

As a kid, I just ate everything that was given to me, so sugar was very readily available. That being said, I was never really a big sugar fan. If you let me choose between a Mars bar and a piece of cheese, I would go for the latter for sure. I only really started to realize that sugar is not exactly good for you in my twenties. It’s quite difficult to answer the question, as it’s really a slow process to phase it from your life.

Honestly! It’s a mission nowadays with all the food you can buy. Especially in my line of work as a professional yachtsman. I’m always traveling and eating in restaurants or at the catering services provided by the sailing teams. It’s not ideal! The moment I get home, I always go extreme with my diet, and intermittent fasting has helped me feel good and fit. The moment I turned 40, I went all the way with removing sugar from my diet. Why? Because food is everything! It makes you who you are!!! Today, everyone is so focused on building a career and pursuing success, putting so much energy and time into it, but they leave no time or energy for themselves. For health! I think that’s the wrong way around. My first priority is always health and a good spirit. Work comes second.

We think that’s really a perfect attitude. Because without overall wellness, you cannot be happy, healthy or successful. How have you seen this change affect your body?

I notice the difference especially now that I’m at an older age. I notice fewer aches and pains in my joins. I also never have sugar crashes anymore, and I always have steady energy.

It’s sounding better and better to be honest! Speaking of being healthy, what sort of exercise do you do to stay fit?

My work is already pretty physical, so when I’m at home, I tend to just do a bit of maintenance. I like stretching, yoga, light gym sessions and surfing. Intermittent fasting is also crucial for staying fit.

So we know what you don’t eat, but could you tell us what you do fuel yourself with?

I do my best to eat only what I really need, so I am for a diet that complements the good hormones. I love to eat pre-biotic food (it promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines), particularly vegetables like onions, garlic, carrots, beetroot etc. I even like fermented food. I drink a lot of bone broth, as it has a sh*t ton of collagen in it, and I make sure to have tons of vitamin C too. I try to be in ketosis, as you just feel really calm and alert when your body is burning its own fat for fuel.

Sounds like a pretty well-rounded diet to us. Pre-biotics are key! Is there anything you recommend eating for quick recovery for other athletic people?

A healthy gut flora is key for good, quick recovery. It’s important to focus on that (with raw veggies and lots of collagen), a moderate amount of protein and lots of minerals and vitamin C. That will ensure good recovery.

A lot of people hyper-focus on the importance of protein, consuming loads of animal protein. What’s your view on this? Is it necessary?

If you’re just an average Joe going to work at an office all day, then you don’t really need all that much protein. Because I’m an athlete, I will sometimes still have some animal protein, but I mostly go for nuts and things with healthy fats. Healthy fats are really important for your body but also your mind, and people often forget about the brain.

Duly noted! So we know that you travel a lot for work. It must be difficult to stay healthy whilst on the road. What do you tend to eat when you travel?

The last couple of years I started to do full fasting when traveling. I’d only have water with some Himalayan salt (or apple cider vinegar). It’s pretty hard core, but the benefits are amazing. Do a full 24 hours, and you’ll trick the human growth hormone over a thousand percent. When I do that, I’m less tired on arrival, beat jet lag and give my liver, kidneys and whole digestive system a break. Honestly I could go on! When I’m home, I follow an 18 hour fasting window, and I don’t usually consume anything until about noon when I have some golden milk with lemon, even if I’ve had a really tough workout.

That’s a long time to fast, but I guess eventually it becomes like second nature. Speaking of food, do you have any favourite healthy hotspots in Amsterdam or abroad?

To be honest, I’m not really into that at all. I sort of live like a monk these days. But when I do go out with friends I just want somewhere nice and simple with good food where you can really have a good conversation.

We couldn’t agree more. Obviously we love juices and smoothies here at TCPJ, but what about you? Do you drink them?

Before The Cold Pressed Juicery opened up about four years ago, I used to make your typical carrot/orange/ginger juice at home. But when I saw that Nathalie had opened TCPJ, I thought, ‘Wow, this is really cool.’ So I would go in there to try all the interesting things they’d make like ginger shots and beet juice. Even though I mostly have juice at home, I still like to go to The Cold Pressed Juicery to just hang out and have a juice.

And we love to have you around! Alright, we want to know. Do you have one last piece of advice for us?

Pay attention to your gut flora! Prebiotics are essential, but you can’t forget about probiotics. Oh and vitamin C! That’s really important to help the body stay healthy.