in | 23 Jul 2017

The LaDress Founder on Femininity, Empowerment & Her new yoga range

Simone van Trojen the founder of LaDress talks femininity, empowerment and her new yoga range LaDress Balance.


We heard LaDress is launching a new yoga line... Please give us the inside scoop!

That is correct! We recently launched LaDress Balance. A collection of home, yoga and sportswear. Signature LaDress style, designed to give you the freedom to stretch, indulge, relax and move. The freedom to feel playful, peaceful and powerful. To feel complete, just the way you are.


Yoga gear & dresses are obviously quite different. What inspired you to start a yoga line?

Similar to LaDress this line really grew from my own needs. As a woman you want to feel comfortable and confident, even when lounging at home or while working out or when practicing yoga. Since I couldn't find items that suited my needs yet remained flattering and feminine at the same time, I decided to create it myself. 


Does the style tie in with your current collections?

The colors and quality of the collection have LaDress written all over it. Think vibrant shades like royal blue, cyclamen, ink and thyme green. We worked with a thicker version of our iconic Italian jersey lycra since it's breathable, flexible and quick drying.


How will your yoga line empower women?

When you don't have to worry about your outfit you are able to focus on doing what you want to do. And when you feel focused and confident about yourself you will find the strength that empowers you to follow your heart and turn your dreams into reality. 

What do you love about yoga yourself?

Yoga gives me a sense of calmth and reflection. To stretch and feel connected with the world around me. I love to practice outside, in nature. Especially when travelling. Lately I'm also very much into pilates and I love to go for a run early in the morning, when the rest of the city is still waking up. Nothing beats the view of the sun rising over the canals of Amsterdam. 


What inspired you to start LaDress?

Every woman is secretly looking for that one perfect dress. As a corporate executive with two little babies and a busy social life I found myself searching for a dress that would create the ultimate look for just about any occasion. It was this search that led me to design my own dream dress: LaDress.


What does a women you admire look like?

I have always admired women who embrace life. Women that express their femininity in an elegant and fabulous way. That show a modern way of feminism, having trust and belief in themselves. When designing the collections, I picture timeless beauties like Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Catherine Deneuve as my role models. But also more contemporary icons like Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Kate Moss never fail to inspire me.


Tell us about the European ateliers in Romania you work with...

We care deeply about making the best and most beautiful garments possible. We want our customers to enjoy their LaDress for many years to come. Our fit is renown for its precision and flattering effect. This is because we work with traditional pattern-making experts that have had couture schooling and experience for decades. The ateliers we work with value craftsmanship in the same way that we do. 


What’s your favourite Juicery product?

I love the green juices and try to have one day a week where I only drink juices (doesn't always happen, but I try!) 


What’s your eating pattern?

My family and I eat as healthy as possible but I also love to indulge in beautiful dinners with lots of family and friends. It's all about balance. Drinking a lot of water and eating vegetables one day and enjoying good wine and a spectacular dinner the next. 


What’s your favourite piece in the new yoga line?

I love the versatility of Marcia and Larissa. I could wear this look out to pilates but when styled with a blazer and high heels this look also works for the office. 


When will the yoga line be in stores?

You can now shop LaDress Balance online, in our Showroom and in our Brand Boutiques in Amsterdam, The Hague, Maastricht and Antwerp. 


Check out their line online here, and read more about their ethos on corporate responsibility and sustainability. We were inspired!