in | 22 Feb 2018

8 Ways of Manifesting Sustainability at The Juicery


Wellness is not just limited to treating your body and mind right. It is also an awareness of the environment we live in, and treating it equally well. One of our main goals at the Juicery is being as sustainable as we possibly can, not only in how we feed you, but also in our actions. We don't just want to quench your thirst with green goodness, we want to live it too. Here are eight ways on how this manifests and therefore how we help you, our neighbors, animals, nature, the planet, ourselves, initially all and the same.


1. Since we are 100% organic, we are not supporting a food industry that uses chemicals, nor will we be responsible for toxins and pesticides coming from our foods in the water when we wash them.


2. We recycle all of our cups, tups, and bottles. Feel free to save your glass shot glasses and bring them back to our stores, we reuse them.


3. When you bring your own cup, you get a discount on your smoothie (!!). 


4. Our straws and cutlery are magically made from corn and plants and therefore biodegradable, even though they look like plastic. We also sell reusable bamboo-made straws. 


5. Our uniforms are made from organic cotton.


6. Our electricity is by Vandebron, an energy provider that stands for and works towards more honest, transparent and sustainable energy sources like windmills and solar panels, meaning our kitchen runs on wind and sunshine!


7. We use organic, non-toxic cleaning products and staff toiletries by Ecover. Ecover opened the worlds first ecological factory in 1980. They are on an ongoing mission in bettering their products, becoming more sustainable by using less plastic and water, and making them cleaner and greener, which we love!  


8. We don't waste food. Our loss goes to the Voedselbank, an organisation that helps donate food packages to those in need, below poverty level. This way they get to have high levels of vitamins still.