in | 14 Jun 2018



Stress comes in many ways, shapes and forms, and is received in many ways, shapes and forms. Ever feel tired after a ‘relaxing’ day in the burning sun somewhere? That’s your nervous system heated up.


It is not for nothing being chilled can mean being relaxed as well as being cooled off (it's chilly outside!). Everyone has a different nervous system and is therefore differently aroused. Besides the general hectique of life, hot summer days can make some of us become even more agitated. Whatever it is you are heated up about, here are some tips that will help keep your brain fresh and focussed.



1. Choose your motivation wisely.

This is what helps removing you from the inner storm that makes you hit that wall. Indeed, if you are running around aimlessly, you do not have a clear vision, and you are going to lose your head. Keep an eye on your unclouded goals and own them. This is about you and what your heart wants.


2. Organize your way to simplicity.

Maybe not the most renewing tip, but even the most fervent to-do lister (or the ones most avoidant of it) need a reminder from time to time. Intentions, plans, lists need to be kept simple and solidly filed down somewhere. Knowing that what needs to be done is listed is knowing that it is in motion. It is the first step for tasks to run from the heat of your mind into the realm of reality. If you visualize this ground covered, doesn't that feel like a nice little cooling distance?


3. Accept what you can not avoid.

When trying ot achieve something, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. You are the humble servant of your bigger picture. Surrendering to that should bring about a sense of relief, as resisting  that what you need to do will only jar you up more. This could mean that you need to accept the wave of stress from time to time, knowing that it is temporary and simply can not be fully avoided sometimes.


4. Avoid what you can avoid

Now on the other side, there are always things you can filter out. On a scale from 1-10, how important is your task, problem, or event that is causing you stress? Try to focus on no more then three important things per day. Prioritize and skip what can be skipped.


5. Take your playtime seriously

Every person needs something to lift their vibration from time to time in order to thrive. Whether it is cooking, writing, working out, connecting with others, even going for a drink or a night out, taking time to play helps feed your creativity or productivity.


6. Observe your body

Stop gritting your teeth please. Stop clenching jaws. Tensing your shoulders. Shortening your breath. Squeezing your bum. It's important to get out of your head and connect to your body as to centre yourself. If observation itself is not doing it for you, try a little self massage (or a big one, or not by yourself), getting some movement going, dance, strech, whatever makes your body move from a state of tension into a state of flow.


7. Limit stimulants

Cafein, alcohol, sugar, they all effect your serenity and focus, yet still the primal part of our brain, hungry for a quick fix, makes us long for what they think is short cut. Yes, stimulants provide a short release of stress, but a contra-productive aftereffect follows. Limit these wolves in sheep's clothes because they are no long lasting support. When not dosed carefully, they take more than they give in the end.


8. Find a moment of stillness every day.

This one is non-negotiable. We are all human. We don’t run on electricity. To get more done we NEED (yes capital everything) to slow down from time to time. If meditation is not your thing, find your place of quiet elsewhere. It could be external, connecting to nature, or close to home, like your morning ritual of having a cup of tea in silence. Just make sure you log out, and have an impuls-free zone in your schedule every day.