in | 16 Sep 2017

The Fall Survival Shots

Ginger: Fall survival


Protect yourself with the cocktail of vitamins hiding in each of these potent blends. Besides giving your immune system a welcome boost ginger shots also help keep your skin photo ready. A little love for your body, inside and out.


Tumeric, Orange, and Black Pepper: Toxins and tiredness


Save a piece of your soul after a weekend of partying, bubbles or worse. Turmeric shots purify the liver and blood, helping you bounce back from a few days of excess.You’ll also find a welcome increase in brain activity for managing your workday. 


E3Live: Pick me up


Rolling out from under the covers gets harder every fall, tempting us to stay cuddled up for good. Restore your morning get-up-and-go with an e3live shot packed with 65 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s clean energy made easy.d

Aloe Vera: Digestion


Known for it’s skin replenishing qualities, Aloe Vera shots also make you feel lighter and better balanced after meals through their powerful digestive qualities. Combined with tons of vitamins and minerals Aloe Vera is your new pre-meal secret.


Wheat Grass: A little bit of everything


We all have those friends who’re always bursting with smiles, invigorating your day one look at a time. Though not a real friend (obviously) our Wheat Grass shots will brighten your day with vitamins A,C and E, alkalising your body and increasing your metabolism. Wheat grass is our everyday friend, will it be yours?