in | 09 Aug 2018



So as some of you may have read, I undertook a 3-day Hard Cleanse a few weeks ago. Though I feared the experience would be tough, leaving me weak and craving my usual go-tos, I felt totally refreshed and even toyed with the idea of adding an extra day or two. Even though in the end, I decided to stick to my original plan of a 3-day cleanse, I still felt the benefits for quite some time after.


Instead of continuing the cleanse, I opted for a mostly raw, plant-based diet for the next couple days. Though I usually have a monstrous sweet tooth and tend to crave a bit of tangy cheese, I found myself reaching for fresh, juicy peaches and indulging in a hankering for bright, vegetal salads. I cooked at home a lot, with the occasional treat of a Gone Nuts Asian Kelp Noodle Salad or Mexican Burrito Salad. Alcohol was still totally off my radar, until I went sailing with friends in Scandinavia the next week, but even then I didn’t overindulge. And though I don’t drink coffee, I swapped one of my usual daily matcha lattes for a cleansing herbal tea, and I didn’t miss it one bit.


One of the best, most lasting effects I noticed was the glow boost I had in my complexion. There was not a spot in sight, and I looked bright and clear. I’m not exactly sure how, but I even looked tanner. Win!


Another positive I noted was a flatter tummy. Though I didn’t do the cleanse in hopes of shedding a few pounds, I felt lighter and more comfortable in my body, so that was an added plus.


There were so many wonderful after effects of the cleanse, but the one that made the biggest difference for me was becoming more conscious of what I was putting into my body and how it was making me feel. Of course I will never give up my favourite treats for good, but I am certainly more aware about the choices I make and the effects they will have.


So, the biggest question remains. Would I do it again? Absolutely. 100%! I loved the way I felt during and after the cleanse, so I think I will probably be booking one every couple of months to refresh and reset, and I most certainly suggest you do too.