in | 31 May 2018


So you’ve heard of blue majik – tried our Blue Majik & Ginger Superfood Latte – but what about blue tansy? This anti-inflammatory skincare ingredient is a revelation. Before we even get into its myriad benefits, can we talk about just how beautiful it is? This electric blue essential oil is derived from the blue tansy flower, a small  blossom native to Morocco that is sometimes known as Moroccan chamomile. So if you want to be as beautiful as your beauty products, then blue tansy is exactly what you’re looking for.


Though we cannot deny its aesthetic appeal, blue tansy is not just a pretty face. It’s basically a magic ingredient, as it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will leave your complexion as radiant as it’s ever been. Because it’s a close relative of chamomile, you will also reap benefits from its scent. It can help quell anxiety, promote relaxation and even regulate your hormones. What more could you want?


Keep it clean

It sounds gross, but bacteria and fungi can flourish on our skin if we’re not diligent about our skincare routines. Luckily, blue tansy is lethal to the bacteria that often lurks on our skin. Fungus also doesn’t stand a chance against this beauty powerhouse, as it is toxicity destroys the spores on our skin. Bacterial and fungal infections will be a thing of the past when you incorporate blue tansy into your routine.


Calm inflammation

Inflammation is one of the biggest causes of skin issues. But fear not, as this essential oil has been found to reduce inflammation, particularly that of the skin. Bonus point: it can also help reduce inflammation in the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems.


Mitigate allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are triggered by levels of histamine in the body. These allergic reactions can manifest in skin problems, including hives. Blue tansy neutralizes histamine and can keep its future production in check, helping to control allergic reactions.


Blue tansy is a beauty powerhouse. Reach for it to soothe inflamed skin, plump up dry, itchy patches or help ease puffy, tired eyes. Our favourite form comes in a mask right here.