in | 13 Dec 2018




Every year around this time, amidst all the love and holiday cheer, another emotion takes hold. Panic! Though everyone always says it’s the thought that counts, we all want to give gifts that are truly appreciated. We want to give amazing gifts.


But no matter how well we plan or how far in advance we make our lists, we never feel fully prepared to give the most thoughtful, loved gifts ever. That is, until this year. This year, TCPJ is here to help. Check out our gift guide for the best ideas for what to give those whom you love this Christmas.


1. Give them a hand. Or a palm, really. For the friend who’s always reading horoscopes and curious about what 2019 has in store for her, give her a palm reading session with Isabel Capelli. She’ll love that you helped her get more in touch with her spiritual side.

2. Give them carte blanche. Carte blanche to enter almost any museum in the Netherlands for free with a Museum Kaart. Your museum-going mama will be so happy to have access to more than 400 museums across the country. A promise to join her on some of her cultural expeditions will earn you bonus points.

3. Give them a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, and it’s also one of the best gifts. If you have a friend who’s always watching Dave Chapelle on Netflix or loves to crack a good joke, get him tickets to Comedytrain at Toomler.

4. Give them something good to listen to. These days, good music can seem hard to find. Instead of making your boyfriend a CD, take him to one of the free lunchtime concerts at Het Concertgebouw. Not all gifts need to be expensive!

5. Give them the urge to dance. There is nothing more magical than the ballet. Give your favourite colleague tickets to see Cinderella at the Nationale Opera & Ballet. Maybe he will even take you with him!

6. Give them a clean slate. After all the heavy eating and alcohol indulging many of us do this time of year, there’s no doubt your brother will be thrilled when you give him a juice cleanse. Give yourself the gift of a cleanse too so you can provide some moral support.

7. Give them power. Well, we mean Power Balls. Stocking stuffers can be super tricky, particularly if you’re not going for chocolate. Instead, we like to give our nearest and dearest something a little healthier to fill their stockings: Power Balls and Matcha Boost Balls. They still feel like a treat but will ensure they get a quick fix of nutrients and healthy energy.

8. Give them that spinning feeling. We don’t suggest making him dizzy, but giving your best friend a Rocycle Gift Card will make him the happiest guy around.

9. Give them some credit. Is your girlfriend a regular at TCPJ? Does she love to grab a Golden Turmeric Superfood Latte on her way to work or indulge in The Berry Beauty Bowl for Sunday brunch? Well, then there’s probably nothing she’d like better than a €100 top-up on her credit account at The Cold Pressed Juicery. That way, she can pick out exactly what she likes, and maybe even treat you, too.

10. Give them some flexibility. If your neighbour is more of a yoga bunny than hard core cardio fan, she will certainly love a Delight card so she can practice Yin, Ashtanga or Hatha whenever the mood strikes.

11. Give them a page-turner. It’s a classic gift for a reason. A book always makes a terrific present, but this year, we’re really looking forward to giving (and maybe even receiving!) Medical Medium by Anthony William. William has helped thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated, and with this book, your brother-in-law may just achieve optimal health!

12. Give them a leg up on the competition. If your work wife loves to hit the gym or take to the road for some intense cycling, help her do it with style. We love the leggings and bike shorts from Girlfriend Collective because they’re super eco-friendly. They’re made from post-consumer water bottles from Taiwan, and their dying process is sustainable. They also engage in ethical labour practices and prioritize the health and safety of their factory workers. So not only are you helping the environment when you buy these but they’re also chic and as soft as butter.