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  This week at TCPJ we decided to become MythBusters. After noticing the sam...

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in THINK | 02 Nov 2017

Living a Happier Life with Gratitude

  Thanksgiving. Something to be thankful for by itself. In only a few countr...

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in THINK | 23 Jul 2017

Coincidence, fate or something much more?

  Life is full of patterns, chance encounters and rendezvous. To a skeptic t...

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in THINK | 06 Jul 2017

How to be an everyday hero

We grow up hearing tales of superheroes performing wondrous feats that save h...

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in THINK | 26 Apr 2017

You said our juices were pricey? Try it at home & see for yourself..

It's the time of the year we're celebrating all things Dutch. Dutchie's are r...

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in THINK | 10 Apr 2017

The pleasure of eating

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It mirrors the very process of...

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in THINK | 21 Mar 2017

This will change too

  Spring is the opportune time to rethink life, ponder goals and let the pos...

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in THINK | 23 Feb 2017

The rainbow within.. Colour energy & the seven chakras

The chakras derive from Hinduism and Buddhism philosophy. They are seven cent...

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in THINK | 13 Feb 2017

What is love? Baby, don't hurt me.

L o v e. It's the madness of the gods, according to the Ancient Greeks. We w...

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