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in CONNECT | 16 Nov 2017

Where Art and Plant Based Cuisine Intertwine

Here’s another one to watch while peeking in the Juicery kitchen. She is mel...

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in CONNECT | 02 Nov 2017

The Face behind the Camera

  We're switching it up. She's not behind, but in front of the camera this ...

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in CONNECT | 04 Aug 2017

Learn from Rocycle co-founder how to be the best manager or entrepreneur

A party on a bike to sweet tunes with candle light is no regular work out. ...

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in CONNECT | 06 Jul 2017

Introducing our very own TCPJ nutritionist

  We’re recently joined forces with Sharon Looijen also known as the Dragon ...

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in CONNECT | 11 May 2017

We know what she wants. The best Mother's Day gift, inspired by two simple words.

  Mother's Day is not far away, this Sunday is the big day. There's somethin...

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in CONNECT | 02 Mar 2017

Dudes talk juicing, sweet treats & dancing

We interview two men who dance to get them in the mood for cold pressing. Yes...

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in CONNECT | 13 Feb 2017

Staff spill the beans on juice loves and juicery crushes

  Cupid is strolling the Amsterdam canals, and notices the beautiful ...

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in CONNECT | 12 Jan 2017

Everything about Nat you've always wanted to ask

  Nat tells us the story behind The Cold Pressed Juicery. She talks entrepre...

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in CONNECT | 02 Nov 2016

Meet our farmers! Why they say choose organic over chemicals

  For consumers the most important thing is often getting the cheapest pri...

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in CONNECT | 19 Aug 2016

Mindfulness, self-awareness and The Sh*t with Suzan van de Roemer

  This month we’re featuring one very special lady, thats near and dear to...

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