in | 31 Oct 2019

Surprising Signs of Inflammation

Inflammation. Nobody wants it, right? It can make our stomachs unsettled, our skin raw and dotted with acne and even force our bodies to hold onto weight. Sure, it is a protective response against cell injury, allergen exposure, trauma, infection and even stress, but that doesn’t mean we want to be constantly inflamed all the time.


Studies have shown that adolescents who had the highest levels of inflammation during their youth ended up being at far greater risk of getting cancer or heart disease decades later. In fact, they were all also at risk of dying prematurely. So if you are keeping you inflammation levels to a minimum, you are going to be living your best life, for as long as possible.


But you’re unlikely to have the type of inflammation that occurs with cuts or similar trauma consistently. Instead, you are much more likely to have a lower level-type inflammation that becomes chronic. But just because it’s not as intense doesn’t mean it’s not just as harmful to the body.


This type of inflammation manifests with generalized symptoms like stiffness, brain fog, itching, fatigue, aches, digestive changes or itching. No matter how often you take your temperature or even go to many western doctors, you may not realize that what’s causing your unpleasant issues is inflammation.


That’s why it’s important to find a doctor or holistic medicine practitioner who will listen to you and take the time to diagnose you. Because no one wants to contract horrible, fatal diseases if they don’t have to.


One surprising sign of inflammation is a sudden spike in your cholesterol levels. This would indicate that you have a low-grade inflammation in your blood vessels. Your blood vessels then generate extra cholesterol molecules to help repair the damage that’s been done. So a simple blood test, even a routine one at your GP, could lead you to the cause.


Another symptom could be sores in your mouth. While you might think they have popped up from eating food that was too hot or sour, they can actually indicate that your body is in need of some good old TLC.


Noticed a rash on your arms or a rosier complexion than normal? There are other reasons than the newly brisk weather. Rosacea or rashes on your body or face can point to autoimmune disorders that see your immune system mistakenly attacking your healthy tissue, long-term exposure to irritants like industrial chemicals or polluted air or any number of other inflammatory issues.


Digestive issues might indicate something like leaky gut syndrome or increased intestinal permeability, common reactions to inflammation cause by emotional or mental stress. So, as crazy as it may sound, your mental state of being can manifest in inflammation in the physical body.


Now with all the scary details behind us, you’re probably wondering what you can do. Find a doctor who listens to you and is willing to find out what is causing your possibly vague symptoms. Because once you’ve found the inflammation and gotten it under control, you’re going to feel like a million bucks.


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