in BUY | 21 Jun 2017

Summer essentials for the greenie

Grab a summer bag. Pile the following in. You're ready to go. Whether beaching in Ibiza, or relaxing at Vondelpark here's what you'll need this season. 


Sunglasses are the ultimate summer must have. It's been that way since way back when. Reflective lens are on trend again this summer, or go for a classic retro shade they'll never go out of fashion. We love love New York designed Illesteva sunnies. Super cool sustainable eyewear brand Dick Moby are also - their collectaion can be found at our fav store Tenue De Mimes! And our favourite Dutch brand is of course Ace & Tate. Retro Super Future also have good qualitiy sunnies that won't cost they earth. 


Too much sun exposure is one of the most ageing and damaging things you can do to your skin. No juice can counteract that. So it's imperative you've always got a good compact sized sunscreen on hand. Don't know the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreen? It's time to find out. Make sure you're chucking the right one in your bag this season. Read all about it here, and get your exclusive TCPJ discount on SMPL the right sorta sunscreen.... We also love the natural brand the Ohm collection, Aveda have a nice one too.


When the weather's warmer you go through so much water, yet plastic is destroying the very oceans we love to linger in during the summer months. Have you watched A Plastic ocean yet? Save our planet and grab a recyclable drink bottle. Your body will be pretty happy about the choice also. BPA wrecks all sorts of havoc on your hormones. Your local yoga studio will sell eco friendly bottles, or check out Dopper bottles online. BPA free and sustainable, they also support water projects worldwide. 


Expand your mind and relax as you dive into a good book this summer. Reading is guilty pleasure that's actually really good for you. It exercises your brain's ability to concentrate, increases creativity and helps you slow down in today's fast paced world. There's something super satisfying about flicking through the pages of an actual novel, but if you want a library at your fingertips invest in a good kindle. Compact and kind on the eyes they are a great beach day accessory. We like the classic. Have you heard of Storytel? Umlimited audios book on your phone. 


Coconut oil is a must have for summer! We repeat, a must have. Put some in a little jar, or use an old TCPJ shot bottle. Completely natural, it makes for a great moisturiser, hair serum, lip balm and more. Less greasy than you may think, it easily absorbs into the body and hair. Choose a certified organic one. The lovely mild  fragrance is reminiscent of summery palm trees by beaches. Hard in the cold, it melts at room temperature or in the palm of your hands. A little goes a long way, but it's cheap as chips so splurge. 


We love a good face mist in summer. It'll refresh, tone and hydrate your face so spritz it anywhere, anytime. It'll wake you up, and give your summer skin the extra love it needs. Make sure you choose a natural one without any nasties, we're big fans of Herbivore, Aesop and Trilogy.


Turkish bath towels are just so superior to a normal towel. Fast drying and 100% cotton, these soft and chic towels are what you want in your life this summer. They come in cool pastel tones with sweet designs so choose the one that best suits your look. Bonus - they can double as a picnic blanket or yoga towel. Perfect.


One of our favoruite summer beauty products is the ginger shot! Good for weight loss, energy, skin and rehydration. Grab one for your handbag before you head out to the beach. Don't carry it around too long though, these guys are best straight out of the fridge. Sneaky trick. Freeze a couple to have on hand for any occasion. If you're planning a big night out grab it outta the freezer when you get home. It'll help you roll out of bed the next day.

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