in EAT | 21 Jun 2017

Staff picks for summer shredding

Summer is the time for shredding any of that winter weight you packed on (for warmth - obviously!) Here's the Juicery products we highly recommend for summer shredding.

Our wraps! Haven't tried one yet? You are missing out!! It's one gigantic helping of veggies making it the ultimate light but filling summer meal. The very wrap itself is made of dehydrated veggies, then the hummus or pesto give you a protein hit that'll keep you full for longer.

E3 Live shots. These little guys not only give you an energy hit, they also suppress cravings making you less likely to grab that junk food or mid morning cake. Best taken on an empty stomach, drink them mid morning or early afternoon to replace that second coffee.

The Dragonfruit bowl. Pitaya is renowned for its ability to encourage weight loss. This low calorie fruit is jam packed with superfood goodness that will keep you full and give you that natural summer glow. It'll all flush your system with loads of fibre, keeping you regular.

Our green juices. Green juices are great for pretty much everything. Try the MOAJ, the Fix or the Pret a Protein. A big veggie hit, each 250ml juice is crammed with up to 1kg of fruit and vegetables. Your palate will adjust to the savoury flavour helping minimise sweet cravings.

The Mango Green smoothie. A high protein smoothie due to the hemp seeds, kale and spirulina. The protein, paired with the carbohydrates from the mango are satisfyingly filling, making it the perfect light and healthy meal on the go.

Ginger shots. Kick start your day and your metabolism with a blast of ginger. These spicy shots do wonders for your digestive system, helping keep you regular. Our favourite days always start with a quick ginger shot. Truth.

Cleanse! Of course we're big advocates for our juice cleanses. To really flush the toxins out and the vitamins in, we'd recommend the five day cleanse. It will help reset your system, and you'll feel the difference. Read more on the benefits of cleansing here.

These are just a few of our personal favourites. What are yours? Still wondering how to be in love with the shape of you? Have a squiz at our guide to getting your body to your own optimum size...