in | 13 Mar 2020

Spring Is in the Air!

We’ve got some pretty amazing news for you. Are you sitting down? Good. So, drumroll please…spring is almost here! After months of cold, dark, rainy winter, spring is finally just a little over a week away. And we could not be more thrilled.


This is always one of our very favourite times of the year. Days finally start to get longer again. We wake up to the sun. The air smells green. All the beautiful birds and flowers burst back into our lives with joy. What more could you ask for?


Though it may still be a little chilly or rain a tiny bit in the coming months, we are still welcoming spring with open arms here at The Cold Pressed Juicery. If you’re looking for inspiration for how to celebrate this turn of the season, look no further. Some of our wonderful team were kind enough to share their plans for welcoming spring and the sun. Here’s what they had to say.


Nathalie, founder: Juice cleanse haha! I didn’t actually think about it, but this will definitely be part of it. But usually, I just welcome spring by becoming more active. More workouts. More time outside. More windows open. Sunnies in my bag, always J.


Jessica, intern: I have a couple of ideas of how I would like to welcome spring. First of all, I am heading back to my hometown to spend some time with family and friends – I am so excited! It will definitely give me the energy to tackle springtime blues. Also, I am planning to finally do my juice cleanse to restart my body and mind after winter. And when the weather gets even warmer, I plan to visit all of Amsterdam’s parks and explore the city.


Dominika, operations manager: I can’t wait for those crisp, sunny days, waking up to sunshine and spending more time in nature in all of Amsterdam’s beautiful parks with my dog! Spring brings all the amazing colours and makes this city even more special. I’ll be keeping my immune system strong with refreshing, delicious juices and, most probably, stepping into this part of the year with a juice cleanse too! Sounds like a dream!


Hayley, copywriter: I’m always torn between spring and autumn for my favourite season, but after suffering through this particularly dreary winter of ours, I think I’ll go with spring. I plan to incorporate some more runs in the Vondelpark into my workout routine because there’s nothing better than being outside this time of year. I’ll also be in Madrid (where I’m praying for sun!) on the vernal equinox, so I will definitely be having a delicious meal alfresco.


Patricia, team leader: I feel Spring is that time of the year where everyone gets out of their winter caves in The Netherlands. We require more physical and mental energy, so I like to make a slow but steady transition in mind, body & spirit. No radical measures or diets! I reflect on what happened in the past months, close the chapter, and set new visions for the upcoming season. I slowly start eating a larger variety of vegetables and increase my yoga classes to have a strong and flexible body. A morning ally for this prep time? The Reset juice (large please!). It is literally what I need now: all the vitamin C in the world for a full system reset. Period!


Now that we’ve shared our plans with you, we’re dying to know: how do you welcome spring?