in | 04 Oct 2018




How you begin your day determines how the next 16-18 hours will unfold. If you roll out of bed just before you need to be out the door, haphazardly throwing on clothing and barely remembering to brush your teeth, you are likely to feel harried and a bit all over the place. In essence, you are setting yourself up for stress and may dread your day.


Here at The Cold Pressed Juicery, however, we like to look at our mornings as a beautiful time of rituals. A period of time that is just for us and that we can revel in and sink into, if only for a little while. We want to equip you with our most useful tools to establish a calming morning ritual to ensure that you are set up to have the most peaceful days possible.


The early bird gets the worm. You most certainly don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, especially if you’re a bit more of a night owl. The thought of waking up earlier than normal may seem a bit daunting, but please don’t let it stress you out. Setting your alarm clock just 15 minutes earlier than you normally do will give you what will feel like hours of time in the morning. And no snoozing that alarm clock! It’s only 15 minutes less sleep, but this will help you feel calmer and less rushed.


Start sunny side up. Now that it has seemingly gone straight from summer to winter, most of us are waking up in the dark and, perhaps, even heading to work in the dark. That can feel very disorienting and cause a flood of stress hormones to the brain, particularly when you’re jerked awake by that abrasive phone alarm clock. Save your battery for text messages and a little bit of Instagram scrolling when you get to the office and switch to a sunrise alarm clock. The gentle and gradual way it lights off before sounding the alarm may actually have you waking up before you set the alarm!


Make sure it’s lit. Whether you’re a total candle person or an incense fiend, take a moment to light something with a lovely, beautiful scent you love. That way, as you get dressed and comb your hair, you’ll be put in a peaceful state of mind. Calming, grounding scents are best, though really anything you like is fair game. Try a natural candle that smells like rosemary, wild thyme and mint from C. Cosmetics on the Herenstraat.


Tune in. Though we would recommend skipping out on technology in the morning, as thumbing through Facebook or checking your tweets can actually cause anxiety, we do like to have some soothing sounds in the morning. We love to either flip on chilled music on the radio or our laptops or even to switch on the audiobook version of that book we’ve had on our nightstand for ages but haven’t touched.


Indulge in a tea ceremony. Or coffee. Or golden milk. Whatever you love to sip in the morning is great. Instead of gulping it down on the run, turn it into a peaceful, contemplative ceremony. Use charming mugs or delicate teapots or reach for that wonderful matcha whisk you picked up last week. Take your time and savour every moment.


Be present and grateful. Let’s face it: this may be the last quiet moment we have in the day, so make sure you are present and grateful. Take your time (that’s what those 15 minutes are for!) and be happy that you are alive and are able to get up in the morning! Before or after you enjoy your warm morning cuppa, write down three things that you are grateful for. It may seem silly at first, but once you adopt this as part of your morning ritual, you’ll become addicted. We promise.