in | 17 May 2018




If there’s one thing that just about everyone can agree on, it’s our shared desire for plump, fresh, glowing skin. A clear complexion is an excellent indicator of overall health, and, let’s be honest, it gives us the confidence to be our best selves.


Being the healthy, savvy person you are, you’ve probably  heard about super foods, and we’d venture a guess that you know how fantastic they are for your skin, as well as for your body overall. But wouldn’t you like to know exactly what those superheroes disguised as snacks are doing for you? We thought so. It turns out that these magic ingredients can promote healthy, glowing skin when ingested or slathered on, so why not double down for an extra dose of radiance.


We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite superfoods to eat and pat onto our skin. We bet you’ll be heading to the supermarket ASAP.

Chia: Forget the Chia Pets of the 80s; this incredible superfood can do wonders to restore dry skin. Chia gives your skin a healthy dose of omegas, vitamins C and E and phytosterols, which will help keep you looking young. Grab The Berry Beauty Bowl and pop a bit of Perricone MD’s Chia Serum onto your face to soothe your skin and keep you glistening.


Matcha: We protect our skin against the sun with sunscreen, but we often forget about the environmental stressors like smog and pollution that can do just as much damage. Don’t worry. We’re not suggesting you hole up inside and miss the beautiful summer. Instead, head outside and enjoy the sunshine. Just make sure to soak your skin with H20+ Shielding Matcha Facial Essence whilst you sip on our Matcha & Maca Superfood Latte. Matcha is packed with antioxidants that will help build a protective barrier around your skin, keeping it safe from free radicals.


Kale: Can we get a kale yeah?! This dark, leafy vegetable is more or less its own multivitamin. It’s chock-full of vitamins A, B6, C, K and manganese. With all of that, who needs to buy a bottle of vitamins? Not only will the vitamin K help reduce dark circles under your eyes and tighten skin but can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Add a kale Smoothie Booster to The Mango Green Protein and smooth a few drops of Éminence’s Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum onto your face.


Avocado: We’re sure that you need no convincing on the topic of avocado. Who can resist this rich, buttery fruit (weird, we know!)? Its smooth, dreamy texture is thanks to its concentration of fatty acids, which work to aid plump your skin. Sprinkle a little salt and a drizzle of olive oil on half an avocado and eat it alongside a Raw Hummus Wrap. Make sure your skin is extra hydrated with PAI’s Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream.