in | 28 Dec 2018



Is it just us, or does it seem like face rolling has completely exploded in popularity over the past year or so? You can hardly scroll through Instagram or visit your favorite wellness blogs without coming across one of these candy-colored tools that some hail as skin miracle workers. What was once relegated to the oft-maligned world of Chinese medicine has now made its way into big name retailers and high street stores. In essence, face rolling has gone viral.


It certainly may seem like a new-fangled trend, but jade rollers aren’t actually a new breakthrough in skincare, as they have been prevalent in skincare routines in China since the 7th century. Whether or not you believe in the healing and protective properties that many claim jade rollers have, there is truth to the idea that face rolling is beneficial for the skin. Not only can they reduce swelling by boosting blood circulation and improving lymphatic drainage but also help skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin.


If you wake up in the morning with a puffy face and bags under your eyes, that rose quartz roller could in fact come in very handy. Rolling it in sweeping outward motions can help to move some of the lymphatic fluid that’s stagnated in your face and remove the inflammation and smelling. You have lymph nodes at the base of the nose, outside of the mouth and along the jaw, beneath your chin, behind the ears an in the back of the neck, so for the best results, you want to direct the fluid toward those spots.


The stones also stay remarkably cold (particularly when you keep them in the fridge), so they are useful for helping with unwanted inflammation. It’s like the old cold-spoons-over-the-eyes trick but better. Trust us.


Any type of massage, whether with your fingers or your face roller, stimulates blood circulation. That means it’s easier for your skin to soak up all those valuable, natural skin serums you’ve been patting on morning, noon and night. Some studies have even shown that the extra blood flow created by a massaging device (and by extension a face roller) helped ant-aging creams to reduce fine lines better than when done with only hands.


And how can you talk about any of these semi-precious face rollers without talking about energy? Different stones are believed to produce different results, so choose carefully when you’re oscillating between the jade and the rose quartz. Jade is believed to draw out negative Qi from the body, and rose quartz is purported to promote inner peace and bring love to the user.


So whether or not it’s all placebo effect, it’s certainly hard to argue with better skin and more love in your life, don’t you think? Now where did we put our face roller…