in | 31 Oct 2019

Rest Is Best: Which Type of Rest Is Right For You

Forget what rappers were feuding about in the 90s. We’re here to tell you that rest is best. Every time we scroll through our Instagram feeds and see a cozy bedroom overflowing with pillows or pass a new organic linen sheet set when we’re shopping, we can’t help but start drooling. We all dream (ahem sorry for them pun) of afternoon naps and long, luxurious evenings of sleep, no?


So if you’re one of those people who wants to feel – and look – as well-rested as possible, you may find it intriguing that there is more to rest than napping or evening sleep. In fact, there are actually eight different types of rest.


And what are those types of rest you ask? We’re going to break them down here.


  1. Physical Rest: This is probably the most common type of rest and likely the one that you are familiar with. This type of rest is great for relieving the body of its physical stressors. These can be lack of sleep, tension in your muscles or throbbing headaches.

  2. Emotional Rest: Some of us have a hard time saying no to people or expressing what we’re really feeling inside. If you take the time to rest your emotions, you’ll be better able to do these things and take care of yourself.

  3. Social Rest: This one will probably come as no surprise to you, especially if you’re someone who feels like a total zombie after a weekend spent celebrating your best friend’s birthday or a reunion trip with your university friends. It’s important to rest socially so you can realize and recognize which of your relationships are serving you and get rid of those who are toxic.

  4. Spiritual Rest: These days it seems like so many people aren’t heading to church every single Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that spirituality isn’t alive and well and doesn’t need to be respected. Take the time to tune into whatever your spiritual beliefs are and rest, whether that’s taking a yoga class or taking the time to meditate.

  5. Sensory Rest: The world around us is a sensory overload. We are stimulated by devices at every turn, and it’s not totally healthy. Try to reduce your sensory input that you get from disturbing ambient noise or devices.

  6. Mental Rest: This is one of the most important types of rests. Our minds are so anxious and so all over the place these days, so it’s important to quiet and calm them so we can better focus on what is important.

  7. Digestive Rest: For any of you who’ve done a cleanse, this one will make total sense. We often have to eat things that are unhealthy or unkind to our guts, which makes our digestive systems worn out. Doing one of our cleanses will help you reset your system and rest it properly.

  8. Creative Rest: Creativity is a beautiful thing, and connection with art and beauty are essential for all human beings. Take time for creative rest so that you can allow all of the beauty around you to inspire and motivate you.


So you’ve read through the list, and we’re sure that at least one (if not more!) of these types of rest has struck you as just what you need. Now it’s time to unplug, relax and become a better, more rested version of you.