in | 15 Sep 2016

Cleanse for brain power

Can cleansing make you happier and more mindful?


We all know cleansing is designed to give the digestive system a break, helping the body to renew itself and flush out toxins.


Cold pressed juices go hand in hand with this process - giving the body a boost with an influx of vitamins, nutrients and living enzymes.


Lesser known perhaps is how cleansing improves brain function and mind health. Ancient civilisations have been fans since way back when. Traditional Chinese medicine, Buddhism, Jesus, Hippocrates and the ancient Greeks where all avid supporters of fasting. Partially because of physical health, but more importantly the mental clarity they believed it evoked.


Scientific research has shown that when food is in scarcity for cumulative days the body releases chemicals such as serotonin to protect the brain. This explains how an improved mood and sense of wellbeing can occur after a cleanse. Not to mention the self control that is required to start a cleanse and the sense of accomplishment after one has achieved it. 


It's funny how when something isn't an option it can become the sole focus of your thoughts. Food. Food. Food. Food. Food. Redirecting your thoughts is a great mental exercise, that can be utilised in many areas of life.


After a fast you are a lot more mindful of what you are eating. You are aware of everything you put in your body. You savour each mouthful. You recognise when you are hungry. You recognise when you are full. You are less likely to over eat. And less likely to opt for the processed option. 


Obviously this will fade with time, but it is a great way to rewire your outlook on health and the way you eat.


After cleansing stick to the old fashioned health guidelines: whole foods, plenty of fruit and veggies, regular exercise and living mindfully in each moment. With of course a nutritious juice, super smoothie or invigorating shot thrown in here and there. 


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