in | 10 Feb 2019




When you think about the person you love, you probably think they’re pretty unique. And they are! So then they certainly deserve a fantastic, unexpected Valentine’s Day date. They’re special to you, so you want to give them more than your typical Netflix and delivery evening. We’re totally on the same page.


So whether you’re seriously single, seriously in love or seriously confused, we want to make sure your Valentine’s is cliché-free and full of fun, fantastic things you’ll remember for a long time to come. Or at least until next V-Day!


1. A private cooking class. They say that food is the way to the heart, and we are inclined to agree! Book a private cooking workshop to show off your skills in the kitchen and feed your honey’s stomach as well as their heart.


2. Get a little closer. Whilst you tango! Sure you could just go out and go dancing together, but it will be infinitely more romantic to learn the sexiest dance we know. Together.


3. Skate your way into their heart. Head to the beautiful ice skating rink at Museumplein and hold your partner’s hand as you sweep around the ice. Help them warm up with a hug and a cosy drink après skating.


4. A scavenger hunt. So this one will take a little extra effort from you, but planning your own scavenger hunt (you can use this to give them their gift as well) is so thoughtful and creative. You can make up your own and run along with your love as they traverse the town.


5. Start swinging. Hey, we didn’t mean that kind of swinging! Head out with your significant other to Amsterdam Noord to hop on OverTheEdge, Europe’s highest swing. Soak up the beautiful views before dining at Restaurant Moon to revolve as you eat. Though both these views are amazing, nothing beats looking at your sweetie.


6. Heat things up with a little burlesque. Consider a burlesque show the best foreplay in town. Things will heat up even before you get home, thanks to the art of the tease.


7. Live laugh love. Laughter may be the best medicine, but it’s also pretty great even when you’re in love. Take your partner to a comedy show and soak up the joy together.


8. Get loose. How amazing is it to give your partner a massage at home? Pretty amazing! Now think how much better that would be if the two of you hit the spa together for a beautifully relaxing couple’s massage. Add a body scrub in, and you’ll both be silky smooth. A bonus for later!


9. Couples who bike together, stay together. This may not sound very romantic at first, but hear us out! We know you both probably bike all the time, but for Valentine’s we love to rent a tandem bike with our S.O. and pedal around the city. After all, Amsterdam is still terribly romantic with all the twinkly lights strung up!


10. Some like it hot. Let things get all hot and sweaty in a terrific hot yoga class with your love before they get steamy at home. Think of it as couple’s therapy without the psycho-babble.