in | 25 Jan 2018

Our Juicy Tips for Valentines

Love. The essence of where we stem from. The universal force that brought us into being. Without love, we and the world we live in would not even exist. And it colours our life in! Whether a pretty pink, a deep red, a shade of grey, without love in whatever which way it may manifest, life would be colourless. Luckily, St. Valentine gave us a day to honour this magical power. A day to revel in love, for ourselves and others. How? Science tells us love has the same effect on the brain as hunger and thirst. Find below a few things to strengthen or still all those powerful sensations. 



We’re bringing back one of our most popular smoothie specials of all time! This lucious love potion is filled with beets, pomegranate, raw granola, strawbs and dates, with an addition of invigorating maca-powder (natural aphrodisiac), bundled up in our homemade fresh cashew milk. Oh and the colour! Make Sure to treat yourself to The Heartbeat this Valentines or serve it to your loved one for breakfast in bed.



At night, there will be a specially organised Classics At The Movies-Concert, to celebrate love. If you’re looking to impress your date, a very chique VIP option is available, but if you are on a different budget, we have a secret tip for you. On wednesdays, the Concertgebouw offers a free lunch concert at 12:30, open to everyone. Valentines happens to fall on a wednesday this year, so especially for the young and hungry, this is a beautiful chance for classical romance.  

More info here.



Ever noticed the big plant with heart-shaped leaves we have and love at our store at the Prinsengracht? Pompon flower shop is our much beloved provider of all the fauna in our stores. They deliver their beautiful bouquets too!

More info here. 



Nothing, we repeat, nothing, has the same effect as a gift of chocolate. Can you imagine how you will blow away your valentine when you send them a chocolate bar you MADE for them especially. Pick your flavour and design your wrapper. It will be delivered the next day! Want a healthier chocolate option? Bring your loved one or treat yourself to our invigorating raw cacao and chili Powerballs, or our guilt-free, sugar-free vegan and oh so delicious chocolate mylkshake, called The Sh*t. p.s This smoothie also contains the superfood maca which is known for getting you 'in the mood'. ;)

Order your Tony Chocolonely here. And our healthier chocolate here. 



Looking to stimulate the senses? Rose, the queen of flowers, is one of the most common scents associated with love. Her essential oil will last longer than the flower itself, and will have stronger effects, like boosting mood and boosting libido.

Find out more about essential oils here.




To give away, or to enjoy together, at the same time, or to dive in alone: massages are always a good idea. We love The City Street Spa, Akasha at The Conservatorium Hotel, and Doctor Feelgood -  Massage Company.