in | 05 Sep 2019


Three months! When you read it, it sounds like a long time, but when you’re in the heat of things, three months pass in no time. In less than three weeks, we are sad to say, summer is over. Mark your calendars because September 23 is the first official day of fall.

Don’t get us wrong. We are really excited about the next few months. But before we welcome them with open arms, there are a few things we want to do. And we’d guess there are a few things you want to squeeze in as well. So join us in checking off every last item on our End of Summer Bucket List.

1. Finish that book we’ve been working on all summer.

2. Go for a run in the Vondelpark. Or the Oosterpark. Or the Westerpark.

3. Hop on our bikes and head to a new town. We particularly love Broek in Waterland or Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

4. Head out to Noordwijk or Bloemendaal to feel the sand between our toes one last time before they’re locked away in boots for the next six months.

5. Take a nap outside.

6. Go to one of the farmer’s markets in Amsterdam and stock up on the bounty of the season. If we’re feeling ambitious, preserve some of them for later.

7. Host a picnic.

8. Make a splash at the Amsterdamse Bos. It will be a while before we can swim outside again.

9. Enjoy a final rooftop rosé.

10. Revel in a last golden dinner outside as the sun sets.

11. Dance the weekend away at a festival.

12. Go camping.

13. Pick fresh flowers and arrange the bouquets at home.

14. Spend the day on a boat, cruising the canals.

15. Take a selfie. We won’t be this tan again for a long