in | 17 Aug 2017

Ode to the Ocean. Love it? Here's how you can save it.


"The ocean gives us so much… it's salty air clears our lungs, it’s waves can make our hearts beat out of our chests, it’s stillness can give us calm.”

This is poetic excerpt from the sixty second film What the Ocean Gives Us, reminds us of the deep sea's beauty and how we’re destroying it with our plastic consumption.

Corona paired with think tank Parley, and Amsterdam’s own Wieden + Kennedy to produce this thought provoking ode to the ocean.

Short but sweet, this film was made in oceans around the world and created as part of a plan to protect 100 islands by 2020. If we continue as we are, they warn the ocean could contain more plastic then fish in 30 years. That’s a terrifying prospect.

Parley, as group of “creators, thinkers and leaders” believe the responsibility of guarding our aquatic playground “lies with the creative industries, followed by major brands, environmentalists, and finally by consumers.

Here at The Cold Pressed Juicery we love the ocean. We're doing what we can to minimise plastic consumption.

Our straws and cutlery are made from plants, our napkins are made of recycled paper, the government reuses all our plastic and all our bottles will soon be bottles are made from rPET recycled plastic.

As a consumer you too can play your part in store. Buy one of our bamboo straws, you can use it continuously! Bring your own cup for a smoothie, and we’ll give you 50c discount. Got any other ideas? Together we want to work together to reduce our plastic consumption.

By recycling and reusing existing plastic, and spreading awareness of this issue we can all help alleviate some of the damage being done to the sea and it’s marine life.

Ultimately plastic is a “design failure.” We throw it away, but our of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. There is no away. Parley have come up with the following concept A.I.R:


Try avoid plastic where possible. Always take a bag with you grocery shopping.  Use recycled plastic rather than virgin plastic if there’s no alternative. This is the biggest way consumers can help. Recycle, reduce, reuse.


Find the plastic waste, and intercept it before it ends up in the ocean. This is particularly important in remote areas, and developing countries. When on holiday why not volunteer your time to an NGO helping with this issue? We can still play our part at home. Don't throw your plastic in the general trash. Check with your local council where your plastic is going. 


Contrary to popular belief, glass has a wealth of its own problems that also negatively impact the environment. The only solution to plastic is design a new material. This will take extensive time, money, research and resources. Yet long term it's our only option. Stay educated on this process. If you feel inclined to help you can donate to the cause here. 

Love the ocean? Long summers days spent frolicking in sea breezes? Do your part to help save it.