in CONNECT | 11 May 2017

We know what she wants. The best Mother's Day gift, inspired by two simple words.


Mother's Day is not far away, this Sunday is the big day. There's something so special about our mums. Whether you're super close, or not, she's the very person who brought you into this world. She gave you life and that in itself not only creates a unique bond, but is something we can be forever grateful for.

Our team sat together, and did a bit of reflecting on what our mums really wanted. After much pondering (over a juice or two) we came up with two words. Time and health.

Mum's love quality time. In today's busy world time is one of our most precious commodities. We intend to spend lots of time with mum, but life is just so busy.

Also linked to time, we want to keep our mums around for as long as possible. This is where health comes in. If she's healthy (hopefully) she'll have more time on earth to spend with you. So we've made a more unique mother's day gift guide centred around these two principals.

- Take her to your favourite place. Be it a cafe, restaurant, rooftop bar, or local park. Spend uninterrupted quality time hanging out together. Let her know why you appreciate her.

- If you live further away give her a Skype or phone call. Why not send a card with a trip planned to visit her?

- F.l.o.w.e.r.s mums love flowers! Our secret hot spot for flowers is Pompon in the Jordaan. They do the most unique boutiques made with love.

- Drop her off breakfast in bed. Get a selection of her favourite juicery products. Health is wealth!

- She deserves to Netflix and Chill. Buy her a Netflix subscription so she can get hooked on all her favourite shows.. Raw chocolate goes quite nicely with Netflix.. Just saying. We'd go for the raw bountry bar, it literally melts in your mouth....

- Buy her some scented candles. We love the soy and coconut candles by BsaB. They're handmade and 1000% natural.

Give her the gift of not only health, but being a regular. Nothing nicer then walking in store and being greeted by name. Buy her a smoothie, juice or power shot card in store. All she has to do is walk in, and we'll do the rest.

So where you're near or far set aside some time for your mum this Sunday. Make her feel appreciated and let her know you care. Mother's day shouldn't be about a one off gesture, but a day that reminds you to to be thankful for your mum on the daily.