in | 03 May 2018


We all have goals. Rumor has it that there is something, out there, that we are co-creating our reality with, by the imprint we are putting out in the universe. Translated to non-wavy language: the same way you start to see pregnant women everywhere when trying to become pregnant, or see the car you want driving all around the city, you pick up on signs when you are ready to see them. Make sure you're ready. This is where you start paving your lane. Point your arrows. Here's what to do.


1. The power of intention.

First step is to clear space for your intentions. Every moment we hold the power to change or let go of whatever story we are holding on to, and rewire your energy (the electromagnetic field around us), so that we can truly start calling things in. Your internal world changes the way you think and feel, and therefore act. This is powerful stuff, to be taken seriously. It has been scientifically proven, for many years already. Einstein is one of the greatest establish these theories through his quantum physics. 

☆ INTERNALIZE // Your intentions are the main ingredients of your reality. Mornings are a great time for you to dedicate some time to them, but this can also be at every start of the week, month, or moon cycle, as lunar energy is said to affect virility of the earth as well as our consciousness and creativity. Setting an intention keeps your eyes on the prize.


2. Point your arrows.

Your intentions are clear internally, so your external life can start forming its way around them. Find what is causing you to hold back, causing resistance, and use it as an opportunity to grow further. What can you do to walk into the direction of your destination? What can you do to expand, to educate yourself, to gain the skills you need in order to get there? 

☆ PRIORITIZE // This could be seen as the recipe. Truly (start to) list and prioritize your intentions. Collect data and do your research. Write it into existence. Speak it into existence. Meditate it in into existence. Buy a book. Listen to podcasts. Focus on what you want and get an overview of the steps to take.


3. Tell 'em.

I don't mean tell social media what you're up to (not necessarily). Just know that your goals do not have to be some delicate secret you should keep on lock. Putting them out into the universe, which is initially putting it out to your higher or future self, will help you solidify your dreams into reality. And not just by using your words. Use your behavior. 

☆ EXTERNALIZE // You have been collecting your ingredients and recipes. Don't forget to actually start cooking. Get out of your comfort zone. Take a course. Take on a side hustle next to your regular job, to gain experience, skills, knowledge. Expand your community. Every step counts.


4. Nourish to flourish.

Everything you do, think, consume, is an investment. So take care of yourself. You can not pour from an empty cup. Could be you need to apply changes to your life, that you need to skip plans or rethink your routines. 

 ☆ UTILIZE // You want optimal access to your tools. Make sure you are as clear, stable and healthy as you can be so you can be on your a-game while chasing these goals. We want all the unnecessary clutter out of the way, anything that is keeping you from being your best self. 


Let us, then, be up and doing, with a heart for any fate; still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait. -  HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW


5. Patience, acceptance, faith.

This requires a little bit of letting go too. If we work from a place of acceptance of the present moment and its changing nature, we become a lot more resilient and a lot more flexible. Trust the process of the work you are putting out (and in). This does not mean you should lose your drive, and we all know a sense of urgency can be productive, but there is a fine balance between going with the flow and being dedicated to what you want. Try and find that point, because that is where you are at your most creative.

☆ TRUST // Clinging to tightly to our desires can become a frightful journey if we let it get to our heads. You need to trust the process and trust your self in order to be successful. Trust that you are doing your part, that you are taking the necessary steps, and don't forget to sit back sometimes, take a breather, and watch how your work unfolds. Read this to train your surrender to the flow.