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If you ask us, we’d say there’s nothing cooler than an effortless cook. Don’t you just envy those friends who invite you over for a beautiful dinner and always say, “Oh, all this? I totally just threw it together?” We envy them even more when they say it and mean it.

While we don’t all have the time to hit up cooking classes on the regular or spend hours combing over step-by-step recipes, we all want to cook delicious, wholesome meals that are impressive but take almost no thought. It’s important to ensure your meals have balance, with a mix of fresh vegetables, a bit of whole grain for fibre, healthy fats and a good source of protein. But you knew thatalready, didn’t you? We thought so J.

Even knowing that, however, you may still be stuck for how to throw together healthy dinners in no time. But, those days are gone. Here are our tips for becoming a true kitchen wizard.


  1. Become BFF with your kitchen. We all know our closest friends like the backs of our hands, and it should be no different with your kitchen. Knowing exactly what you have tucked away in your pantry, fridge or freezer can help you dream up wonderful dinner ideas. It may sound a bit type-A, but we highly recommend keeping a list in your kitchen of exactly what food you have at home. Whenever cook’s block strikes the brain, consult your list. You’ll be able to draw inspiration easily.

  2. Embrace basic. Sure you could break out those Uggs and decorate your apartment with inspirational posters, but you’ll be far better served for stocking up on fridge and pantry basics. Next time you’re at Marqt, grab essentials that you can keep on hand for impromptu cooking sessions. Nutrient-dense whole grains like quinoa and quality vegan proteins like canned chickpeas are great to have, as are flavourful condiments like Sriracha or pickled beets. Keeping a few prepared shortcuts like our Sprouted Buckwheat Granola in your cupboards is ideal so that you can whip up yogurt parfaits or smoothie bowls in a flash.

  3. The A List. We do like meal planning every now and again, but often it can feel limiting or intimidating to do it. Instead of doing that, we like to write down an ingredient plan for the week to take with us to the supermarket. Take store of what you have lingering in your pantry or fridge (see tip 1!) and make a list from there. Do you have half a pack of brown rice noodles tucked away in a drawer somewhere? Perfect! You can make a refreshing Vietnamese rice noodle salad. All you need is to add some fresh vegetables and herbs to your shopping list, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Make the cut.We don’t expect you to suddenly wield your knife like a chef at a hibachi restaurant, but having solid basic knife skills is very important for becoming a quick, natural cook. When you’re comfortable with your knife skills, it will make the whole process of cooking far less intimidating and far more fun. Sure, you could sign up for a cooking class to work on your skills, but you can also just check out a video to nail the basics.

  2. Spice up your life. A shortcut to quick flavour is your spice cabinet. Keep your spice cabinet fully loaded with flavourful blends and single spices. That way, you’re only a shake or two away from a meal that really packs a punch.

  3. Inspector gadget.Having the actual ingredients to prepare a tasty meal is essential, of course, but so is having a well-stocked gadget cabinet. At the most basic level, you’ll need a good chef’s knife, a paring knife, cutting boards, pots and pans and measuring tools. Check out our guide to the 6 extra gadgets that can make healthy cooking even more accessible.


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