in VISIT | 26 Apr 2017

Free raw chocolate all week! Our Kings Day gift to you

Another year has slipped by, and Kings Day is upon us again. It's a day Dutch, expats and tourists alike can all enjoy. We're proud to host one of the world's biggest street parties, and perhaps the world's biggest monarchy celebration. But this sea of orange festivities is so much more than just a good party.

Classically Dutch, King's day is marked by a mass flea market that takes over the nation's streets. Your Oma, children and every Tom, Jan and Hank set up shop selling whatever it is that takes their fancy. One man's trash is another's treasure, so get up early to go a treasure seeking.

Baked goods, traditional delicacies and much more will delight foodies so roam about with an empty stomach and a handful of coins. Of course, all our TCPJ locations are open from 8am-2pm. So get patriotic with an orange Bedrock or Reset juice. Tag us in any photos you take, the more orange the better!

At all of our stores this week every day get FREE CHOCOLATE. Yes that's right, a free raw bar of Choco&Things to celebrate the King's bday. Every day, at every store if you purchase any two juicery products you will get a free bar!

The young and restless should start the festivities on Kings Night, the city is packed with different happenings.

Save some energy for the main event - King Willem-Alexander's birthday. It's a big year, he's turning fifty.

Wondering what to do with yourself this fine birthday of his? Well for starters, it ain't gonna be fine. the forecast is looking rubbish, so make sure you grab an umbrella.

Set off early to see the stalls, they open at 6am.

Barter your way to that bargain.

Got stuff to sell? Embrace the ad-hoc entrepreneurial spirit.

Kids head to Vondelpark, an exclusively child friendly stall zone.

Eat your fill of Dutch cuisine.

Dress up! It's perhaps the one day of the year you can make dressing up cool.

Get your facepainted!  It's perhaps the one day of the year you can make dressing up cool.

Roam the canals or pop on a boat trip.

Dance in the streets.

"Dance like no one is watching. Because they're not. They're checking their phones."

All the independent women can celebrate that it used to be called Queen's day. Let's just hope one of the many street DJ's plays Beyonce.

Soak in the ambience. Amsterdam's humble population rises from 750,000 to up to 3 million people.

And of course pop into one of our central stores on Herengracht or Prinsengracht. For the revellers we recommend a coconut water to keep you hydrated (you'll thank us the next day)

If it's all a little overwhelming hibernate away from the masses, remember you can order your juicery treats on Foodora. You may just want to stock up on ginger shots and green juices for that Friday detox.

For those all Kinged out, use this national holiday as a day to rest and recoup. Stay dry at our favourite Akasha Spa the Conservatorium. You'll no doubt have the luxury of having the place mostly to yourself!

So don your orange, get your dancing shoes on and get ready to get festive. You can also celebrate the fact that April and it's unpredictable weather are almost over. April doet wat hij wil -  April does whatever it wishes to do. May we'll be pleased to see you.

If you haven't yet, make sure you appreciate the millions of tulips in bloom all over the city. Only 55 days until summer! Just another reason to celebrate this Kings Day.