in LEARN | 30 Sep 2016

Juices vs smoothies. How, when and why?


Be indecisive no more. These elixirs may be the one thing your body is screaming out for. But to juice or to smoothie? That is the question. 

Rest assured, you can't really go wrong. Either one will be a welcome addition to your day, helping you look and feel better. Over time you'll notice more energy and vitality - a bit more glow to your skin, a certain brightness in your eyes, lustre to your hair, an extra pep in your step.

Modern life is go, go, go. We don't make time to stop, let alone cook properly. We know we should eat five servings of veggies, and three of fruit per day. We read fresh produce is a preventative for a multitude of illnesses, and yet, we simply don't have enough time despite our best intentions.

This is where juices and smoothies step in. They provide the much needed nutrient, vitamin and mineral infusion of goodness that's missing from our modern lives. And the best part? You can grab them on the go. But which one should we be drinking and when?

Cold Pressed Juices are wonderful. Imagine injecting a powerful brew of living enzymes, minerals, nutrients and phytonutrients directly into your bloodstream. That's pretty much what you're doing. Your body is able to easily absorb the goodness of your juice in 15-20 minutes, meaning you'll feel the energy surge quickly. 

Many people believe fibre has been entirely removed from juice, but that is not the case. The soluble fibre is still present in cold pressed juices keeping blood sugars in check. But removing the majority of the insoluble fibre is perfect for giving your digestive system a much needed break here and there.

When juices are cold pressed no heat is used so no nutrients are lost in the process. We are able to extract more liquid from the produce meaning our juices are more nutrient dense and much richer in flavour too. We are proud to say that our juices have a shorter shelf life of only 3 days compared to packaged, pasteurised, pressurised or centrifugal juices that don't have these same amazing qualities. 

Because of all this, cold pressed juices are extremely concentrated. Just looking at the colour gives you an indication of how nutrient dense they are. Take for example our juice The Fix: that 500ml bottle has approximately two kilograms of vegetables and lemon pressed into it. Now imagine trying to eat 2kg of veggies in one sitting, even one with a gigantic appetite would struggle. And so, cold pressed juices provide the ultimate means of fast tracking potent amounts of raw organic health into your body.

Smoothies shine too, of course in their own way. With a smoothie you blend whole foods - fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds - and get the full goodness of each in its entirety. They are jam packed with all sorts of goodness, like fresh coconut meat we extract from our young coconuts. These vitamin rich fillings help keep you full for longer, so if you're stuck for what to eat for breakfast or lunch grab a smoothie on the go. 

The best part about our smoothies is that they are completely raw, vegan - free of dairy, gluten and refined sugar. Our milks are all handmade fresh in store several times a day with raw activated nuts and seeds. 

And then there's the superfood add ons. Hemp for protein? Seeds for omega three? Raw cacao or matcha for antioxidants?  There's so many different forms of goodness you can pack into your smoothie, and even the fussiest child or grown up won't taste the health disguised amongst the fruit. Feel like something creamy? Fresh? Chocolatey? Salty? The possibilities are endless.

And so the question is not simply which one is better, but which one is better suited to your needs at the time.

Feeling flat, in need of a detox or after an infusion of vegetable goodness? Grab a juice.

Peckish, want sustained energy, or are craving a particular superfood? Grab a smoothie.

We'd usually smoothie in the morning, and juice in the afternoon. Ideally mix and match to help your body gain the nutrition it needs.