in | 17 May 2018



This weather got you feeling like a snack? Great timing, because these new iced lattes, they feel like a snack too. And a healthy one at that. All organic, homemade with our specially made almond milk, and a hint of refined sugar-free sweetness, these babies will lift you up and cool you down right at the same time.



It finally made its way onto our menu, and as much as we are all about the cafein-free alternatives, there arguably is nothing quite like a good cup of coffee. If you know, you know. And we know. Especially since we can establish by now research has proven it is not so bad for your health. We bring it organic as ever, which is extra great as coffee (alongside wine) is said to carry most pesticides. This icy one carries vanilla and a tiny drop of maple syrup in the almond milk instead. 




Trying to sway away from your coffee-habit, this is your #1 substitute. It will give you right that buzz, but without the crash. Matcha has just the right amount of caffein to activate you on a physical and mental level, but also carries lots of antioxidants, enzymes and minerals to make it super nutritious. Maca adds to that uplifting element as one of the most powerful adaptogens out there. This one is also the least sweet.




Probably the creamiest, nuttiest of them all. It is a charming afternoon pick-me-up, just when you are craving something sweet. Charcoal is a great purifier, and detoxes in it own special way as it really traps toxins so they can be eliminated from your body. Black sesame is full of calcium and great for you hear and skin. Both charcoal and sesame seeds are good for your digestion.




As cooling as the rest of them, surprisingly this one feels soothing in a bit of a warm kind of way. Nutritionally soothing, as turmeric is one of the most healing superfoods (we're talking anti-cancer, anti-alzheimer, anti-septic, anti-ager), but taste wise also, with a little more richness of the cinnamon and cardamon.




This one has a surprising element. How surprising can something be when it is already called majik... but there is more than meets the eye. Taste wise it is nice and subtle, but nutritionally this one kicks your ass, as blue majik contains highly concentrated amounts of protein and vitamins. Ginger is an all time favourite and ever so versatile in its benefits. Does the name justice, right?






Really looking for that snack? If you're a chocolate-lover, you'll be delighted with this one. Quite literally it is a light, drinkable, summer alternative to a piece of chocolate, with added value from the chaga mushroom as a natural relaxer. Both chaga and raw cacao contain high levels of antioxidants, and both are stimulants for your physical endurance.