in | 05 Apr 2018

Technology is Detrimental To Your Health...How To Spring Clean Your Tech Habits



Ah, spring. A beautiful season of new beginnings and fresh starts. Each year most of us give our homes a good polish, clean out our closets or reevaluate what we’re putting into our bodies and opt for a little juice cleanse. Now don’t get us wrong, these are all excellent spring cleaning projects to tackle, but you might be forgetting about one area of your life that is in dire need of a good, old-fashioned scrub.


Our tech habits. We mean think about it. You might even be scrolling through this article on your phone right this very moment, right? And while a bit of Tweeting or Pinning here or there is more or less harmless, many studies have shown that dependence on technology is actually detrimental to our health.


When you physically and digitally clean your devices, you will be better able to focus on what is going on around you and immerse yourself in experiences IRL, making for a healthier or happier spring. Try our tips for a little tech tidy, and we promise that your time spent on and off the screens will be more efficient and meaningful.


 1.Clean those devices! It’s not called spring-cleaning for nothing. Computers and phones become overstuffed with unnecessary data and apps. Work your way through your folders on your phone and really evaluate how often you use that Bitmoji app. Haven’t touched it in six months? Delete it. It’s only using up your storage and serving as a possible distraction. Backup old photos and documents and de-clutter text message threads. Your devices will feel extra Zen when you’ve whittled them down to the essentials.


2. We said clean those devices! Now that you’ve Marie Kondo-ed what’s stored in your devices, it’s time to clean the outsides. Give your cell a quick once over with a non-toxic screen cleaner and a microfiber cloth and save yourself the dreaded cheek acne that they often cause.


3. Audit all social media. We are almost certain that you’re still following that old flame from five years ago or your ex-best friend “just to see what they’re up to.” It may feel exciting to keep tabs on toxic people, but if you wouldn’t hang out with them in person, you don’t need them on your Newsfeed. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t influence your life in a positive way.


4. Be mindful. It’s hard to change your habits if you don’t know what they are. Download an app like Moment or Checky (yes, another app, we know) to see just how often you’re looking at your phone and which apps are hogging most of your attention. Keep a log of your computer and television use as well. All screens count, guys.

5. Go big or go home: the digital detox. This one is not for the faint of heart. We know it can seem daunting to totally unplug, but the rewards are huge. Start with baby steps, turning your phone to airplane mode an hour before bed, and eventually work your way up to a weekend screen-free. Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! It is spring, after all.