in | 08 Feb 2018

How To Biohack Your Libido

We are very much aware that how you nurture yourself has huge impact on any activities in your life. That included the ones in the bedroom, and we’re not talking sleep here. We mean the exciting one (still think about sleep when we say that, please do continue to read this article, it might come in handy).


Generally speaking, when you eat healthily, you will feel good and confident about yourself, and you will radiate this all the way into the bedroom. That's facts. Nothing makes you feel more sexy than being comfortable in your own skin, and, as we all know, that naturally starts from the inside out. A shortcut to that vibrant radiance might be a juice cleanse (more info here), but there are also certain foods that will specifically help you hit higher levels of sensuality, either through biology or through an associated link. We made you a list.



The star of the show. This is one of the few that has strong evidence in scientific research. Not only has it very big impact on balancing hormones and increasing fertility, it is not for nothing that it goes by the name of Peruvian Viagra. Multiple studies have shown it significantly increases sexual desire and can help with loss of libido as a side effect of depression. Have this one on a daily basis and you can expect results within weeks.

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Not a secret that chili can make it hot in here. It is believed that capsaicin, which is what makes hot chilies hot, stimulates nerve endings on the tongue, which can cause a release of chemicals that boost sex drive. Chilies induce sweating and quicken your pulse, which can cause a release of endorphins, and is associated with the feeling of being turned on.

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You can find this one as Indian or Red Ginseng, commonly known to beat stress and anxiety and to increase calm focus. In Chinese Medicine, this root is often used to treat low libido and sexual disfunction. 

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Not backed by research, but it is very alluring to assume there is a connection here. For centuries, cacao has been used in sacred rituals that would bring body and mind to a higher state. Remember Johnny Depp in the movie Chocolat? Hot. Like chili, cacao mimics sexual arousal in the way that it increases heart rate and blood flow, and also gives you feeling of euphoria. 

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What? Understandingly, oatmeal is one of the last foods coming to mind when getting in the mood. But think again. Oats are used in Chinese medicine and ancient Anglo-Saxon homeopathy to enhance libido and female fertility. It has proven to raise testosterone levels, and contain the amino acid arginine, which can improve blood flow down there. 

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