in | 16 May 2019


Monday to Thursday can be tough, particularly where dinner is concerned. Most of us want to have delicious, wholesome dinners, but after upwards of 8 hours at work, it can feel like a near impossible feat. We’re exhausted, and we’re starving. We want dinner now.

But instead of reaching for takeout or grazing on snacks we have stored away in our cupboards, we have a few tips that make creating a beautiful and nutritious dinner at home on a weeknight infinitely possible. So when you come home, and hanger strikes, you’re prepared.


  1. Let yesterday’s dinner evolve. We love the idea of evolution, particularly when it comes to dinner. One of the best ways to ensure you can whip up something healthy and tasty for dinner on the fly is to cook enough one night that you’ll have leftovers you can transform the next day. Take a Moroccan chickpea stew you made on Monday and ladle it over cooked quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes and fresh veggies for a grain bowl that feels brand new.

  2. When two become one. Rather than dirtying loads of dishes in order to whip up something elaborate after a long Wednesday in the office, why not save time on both prep and clean-up with an amazing vegetarian sheet pan dinner? They’re incredibly easy to make and will let you focus on enjoying your food and relaxing instead of having to wash an insurmountable mound of dishes.

  1. Size does matter. Normally, we’re fan of thick, unctuous slices of veggies that are just as hearty as any meaty dish. However, on a harried weeknight, we much prefer to chop or slice our veggies very finely so that they cook much more quickly. Grab your mandoline or opt for a small dice to speed things up and get dinner on the table more quickly. Not in the mood to chop? You can also use your food processor for quick and consistent chopping.

  2. Spice it up. Having loads of flavourful spices on hand is probably the best way to make sure that you can have dinner that packs a punch on the table in no time. Whether you’re opting for strong single spices like cumin seeds and smoked paprika or delicious blends, we always like to keep five or six go-tos on hand.

  3. Miso hungry.These days, miso is not just for Japanese food. In fact, we like to add it to just about everything (we go for a gluten-free miso like Genmai) to add a super savoury note that’s also well-rounded. It’s great in dressings or painted over vegetables before the last five minutes of roasting. We also love using it as the base for a warming, healthy soup when the temperature dips. It just makes everything taste that much better!

  4. Glass half full.Or more like jar! One of the easiest ways to take care of dinner if you are pressed for time is to scoop up a jar or two of our amazing fresh salads. That way you can channel the flavours of Mexico, Thailand or the Middle East in the healthiest, most delicious way possible.

  5. Bottle it up.Want to make things even easier for yourself? Book one of our wonderful, refreshing juice cleanses on Sunday to pick up Monday! That way you don’t even need to think of cooking at all. How easy is that!