in | 12 Dec 2019

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2019


Every year, as soon as December rolls around, amidst all the twinkling lights and cheerful vibes, another emotion takes hold. Panic! Though your mom or your best friend may say it’s the thought that counts, we all want to give gifts that are truly appreciated. We want to give amazing gifts as much or more than we want to give amazing gifts. Don’t you agree?


But no matter how well we plan or how far in advance we make our lists, we never feel fully prepared to give the most thoughtful, incredible gifts ever. That is, until this year. This year, TCPJ is here to help. Check out our gift guide for the best ideas for what to give those whom you love this Christmas.


1. Class act. Working out can get pretty tough, particularly in these bleary, cold days of winter. Give the gift of excellent sweat sessions and take the guesswork (and need for motivation) out of things with a pack of classes from Rocycle. That way, you can easily drag your BFF to all those pre-work workouts.


2. Clean slate. As much as we adore the holidays and all the socialising that comes with them, we start to feel a liiiittle sluggish toward the end of the month. Ensure your mom is feeling her best and brightest by the end of the year – or in 2020 if she prefers – by gifting her a cleanse. We recommend springing for five whole days to give the most benefit.


3. One foot in the game. When your boyfriend is heading off to go to spinning or a yoga class, he deserves to be chic, even in athleisure. Snag him a pair of super cool sneakers to make him the envy of every studio he steps into.


4. A space of their own. The world is crazy busy these days. It can feel impossible for any of us to breathe, let alone carve out time for meditation. But as we all know, meditation does wonders for our bodies and our minds. Give your favourite co-worker a break from all the buzz with a Headspace subscription. Then he can help keep you calm in moments of crisis.


5. Breathe easy. We think about so many aspects of our health, but we rarely give a thought to the air we breathe. Living in a city means that many of us are inhaling chemicals and pollutants regularly. Give your neighbour (and maybe yourself, too) the gift of fresh, clean air with an air purifier.


6. Sleeping beauty. Another important thing we often forget about is sleep. Sure, we all do it every day, but we never pay as much attention to sleep hygiene as we should, or, if we do, it’s all about bedtime rituals and keeping our phones as far away as possible. Turns out, what you sleep on is just as essential as your routine, and it’s ideal to sleep on natural mattresses and sheets that don’t release chemicals as you sleep. Spring for an incredible, natural mattress from Coco-Mat for your spouse. You’ll benefit too!


7. Sweeten the deal. Seeing as it is Christmas, after all, you can’t deny your loved ones the pleasure of a little sweet treat. Pick up some Twix and Bounty Bars from TCPJ to give to all the girls in your book club. You can even pretend you made them! We won’t tell J.


8. Christmas with the good hair. Give your childhood friend a leg up on good old Becky with gorgeous, organic shampoo and conditioner from Grown Alchemist. Traditional shampoos are packed with chemicals that are not only bad for your hair and the environment but also are endocrine disruptors. Bonus points that these products are as stunning to use as they look in your shower.


9. The greenest thumb. Did your brother just move into a new apartment? Help him make it as gezellig as your place with tickets to a super cool plant workshop at Wildernis. Get yourself a ticket so you guys can go together! Quality time is always a great gift.


10. Never lag behind. Let’s face it. The holidays also often mean lots of schlepping around getting from place to place. Ensure your favourite travel buddy is armed with the tools he needs to avoid dreaded jetlag. Order him a Frequent Flyer pack from Jet Set Natural to keep jetlag at bay.


11. Heaven scent. The holidays are always filled with delicious scents – think cookies and mulled wine – so why not grab your gal pal a gorgeous bottle of perfume from the gorgeously natural brand Abel Odor? Smells like a great gift to us.


12. Horsing around. One of our very favourite ways to get in a workout is to hop on a horse and ride our hearts out. Get the pony girl in your life the greatest gift: a few sessions at the Hollandsche Manege. No one could say ‘neigh’ to this gift!


13. Ama-zine. Have a bookwork that’s close to your heart? Give him a subscription to one of the magazines we’re always reaching for to keep his brain occupied this season. We can never get enough of Beside, and he won’t be able to either.


14. You dew you. We are always in pursuit of the glowiest, most gorgeous skin, and so is just about everyone we know. Treat your mom to something special so everyone will be asking if you’re sisters. Tata Harper’snatural, non-toxic products are as good as they come.


15. Totally tripping man. No don’t worry. We’re not suggesting psychedelics here. Give your family the gift of a glorious trip to a fantastic hotel, whether it be by the ski slopes or by the sea, you are sure to get in some excellent family bonding.