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Can you imagine knowing who you are and how to think to achieve the things you want in life? Now can you imagine knowing that before you were even a teenager? It may sound crazy, but that’s exactly how things were for the truly inspiring personal coach, Liane den Hartog. Liane transformed an unsettled and unhappy childhood into powerful penchant for introspection, which she eventually would parlay into her work helping her clients to listen to their own minds and live from their hearts.


We had the immense pleasure of chatting with Liane about her life, her work with Light your fire and Vier Vragen and everything in between.


Hi Liane! Thank you so much for taking the time to have a little chat with us today! We’ve been fans of your work for a long time and love the way you encourage others to harness their own individual infinite possibilities. Can you tell us how you came to this way of thinking?


I started thinking this way when I was around 11 or 12 years old, which was quite young. I was always observing and thinking about life a lot as a child, and I had quite a rough childhood. It was difficult for me to feel loved and feel safe and feel at home in my home as a child. So I looked outside to get love and feel safe and connected. I remember when I was about 12,I connected with the idea that when you point outwards, three fingers are actually pointing toward you; this made me realise that I really had to stop looking outside of myself for answers. I knew it was time to change course, and the first thing I came across was Transcendental Meditation. I started to meditate, and I started to find answers in the universe and a holistic point of view.


Wow that’s pretty incredible you began meditating at the age of 12. You were way ahead of the curve! So how did this interest in Transcendental Meditation blossom into your current way of thinking?


So meditation is also obviously looking at your way of thinking and seeing where your thoughts are going and investigating the feeling that those thoughts are giving you. Then it made perfect sense to me to make the bridge from TM to these cognitive structures. If you have a positive way of thinking, it will give you a positive feeling. The subconscious thoughts that are active in you give you specific feelings and thus give you a specific reaction in your body, activating a specific behaviour. At the time, I didn’t know how to change my feelings, but I did know that thoughts come before feelings. I did tons of training, like Avatar and the work of Byron Katie, in Germany, America and Switzerland to understand my thinking and how to change my thinking and understand it. I didn’t want to give in to having had a bad childhood; I knew I was much stronger than I thought I was. This was when I first realised that individuals have endless power, but they need to learn how to use it.


That’s a very interesting perspective indeed. If more people knew that and believed it, people would certainly be much happier and able to manifest their goals. We know you weren’t always a coach; can you describe the evolution of your career?


I began my educational trip when I was 12 and then continued along this path when I was 19. When I was 19, I had already begun delivering training for nine days at a time. I would give workshops on how to look at your thinking, stop viewing yourself as the victim and realise how much power you really have within you. I did that for a couple years, but I still had to go to university and figure out how to get a job. I never realised that this path that I’d started upon would actually eventually become my career. I thought that it was a hobby, you know? Back then it wasn’t really popular enough for it to seem like a possibility.


At that time I didn’t really understand the world because I felt that the true essence of the world was in things outside of a typical university and career path. I kept on studying and reading about the things I was interested in, but I went to university to study philosophy in the meantime. I worked for Ernst & Young and Heineken for a few years for their fraud and integrity risk services. But through all of this, I never really lost touch with coaching people. They always knew how to find their way to my door to get some coaching, and eventually after a few years, I knew it was time to really do something for myself. Back in 2003, I was probably one of the first, and people looked at me strangely. But now it’s much more popular.


You’ve had such an intriguing and diverse path to your current life. How cool! Now, if you had to describe your ethos to someone, what would you say?


Firstly, people think too easily that power is external. People don’t see themselves as powerful, infinite beings, but I try to explain to them that they are and want to teach them how to see that. Secondly, people believe their own thoughts too easily. I want people to investigate their thoughts rather than believing them at face value. And finally, I want to teach people that their being is more than their thinking. Most people don’t realise that they are more than just their thoughts.


That’s definitely something we could take on board ourselves, even if it is hard to see. A lot of people we know who think similarly to you also believe that there is a strong mind-body connection and believe diet plays a part in this. What are your thoughts on this?


I think this is definitely true. There’s a very strong mind-body connection. If I equate chocolate with self-love, then I’ll toxify my body. But if I start to see having a warm cup of tea as self-love, then I will be just as happy and relaxed without putting unhealthy things into my body. The connections that you make mentally are defining how you connect to food and drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes or something. I even wrote a book that investigates the idea of losing weight with your thoughts. The connections you make with food determine your behavioural and eating habits.


So in that same vein, how do you tend to eat? Do you have a particular way of eating that makes you feel healthiest for both your mind and body?


I always investigate my thoughts about hunger. Am I really hungry? Or am I sad or lonely or bored? I don’t just grab something whenever I hear my body say something; I try to really listen to what it actually wants. It’s really mindful eating. This way of thinking immediately changes the food worth. So now I’m eating more fruit and vegetables than ever before in my life because I’m hearing that my body is craving healthy food. I start my day with a litre of celery juice – Nathalie is also selling this at TCPJ now, and it’s very, very good – and I love it. It’s amazing for you. After that, I have a mix of spinach, green grass and fruit as a smoothie, and that’s how I get through my morning and into the afternoon. Sometimes I’ll have a salad in the afternoon, occasionally with a piece of bread. I try to avoid milk products, eggs and soy. I have hardly any coffee. I occasionally eat meat when I really crave it, but it’s mainly vegetables and fruit for me.


Sounds like a super healthy diet – almost exactly how we eat here at TCPJ! Alright, since we are on the subject, we’ve got one last question for you: what is your favourite thing from The Cold Pressed Juicery?


To be honest, I love the Cold Pressed Juicery very much. I love the juices and smoothies. My favourite juice is the celery juice, which cleanses the intestines and liver. Since I began doing this 7 months ago, my life has been so different. I call it my green water. The celery juice at TCPJ is amazing. I love the salty aftertaste!


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