in | 06 Sep 2018



First of all, now that you're here, release your shoulders and unclench your jaw. Deep breath. Thank you. Caught you there? A few other signs of heavy workload:

- You feel restless during your 'time off'.

- You need something to wind down at night.

- You sleep less than you want to.

- You feel like you either disappoint people by not being there, or yourself by not being able to focus.

- You are either snacking, hangry, or can't eat when you know you're supposed to. 


Any of these sound familiar? It’s a lose-lose situation when you are running around like a headless baby-chicken, never really getting anywhere. You're leaking energy that way. When finding your way back to the track, try these below. 


Prioritize. This might be your strongest tool. Have your list at the ready. You can stop making excuses or beating yourself up about not getting anywhere, if you know what it is you can and need to do in order to get there. Write down your goals as loud and clear as you can. Don't think too much about sidetracks. This (and resistance) is where stress is rooted. 


Build a foundation. Create your home-base, inside and out, and form habits that make it stronger and healthier. This counts for your house, your body, your mind. Feed them with care. They are the closest and most solid support-systems you can rely on. You need yourself whole to build your empire.


Know your zone. Know what it looks like, know how it feels, know when to enter, and know when to leave. Apply border control. You can have multiple zones. You can make each of them overflow, create your waves, reach for the stars in all the heavens. But know how to position yourself in them. There is play, but also pause, mute, and even unplug. 


Time is your best friend. Don't get thirsty. There is no rushing goodness. What is yours, will find you, and vice versa. Stop trying to sprint down your path to a finish-line. There isn't one. Respect the journey, and remember growth is a goal by itself. 


Sleep. Non-negotiable. You can try every single tool out there, but deprived of sleep, you are a shadow of yourself. Be mindful of timing and positioning of work, stimulants and blue screens, and don't be negligent about what you need to do in order to get your good night's rest when you truly need it. This is your glue. 


Choose love. Stress is just another (very common) form of fear. In order to function at full capacity, you want to let go of fear. As an emotion, fear lowers your frequency, which makes you less magnetic to welfare. Pour nothing but positivity into your visions. Keep it flowing. Don't be scared. Loving thoughts are the ones that will get and keep you going. 


Stay in touch. Don’t forget to live a little. There’s a life outside that shaped you. Don't focus so much on what you want to achieve, that you disconnect from the rest. Talk to your family. Cherish your community. Connect to nature every now and then. You can’t lose who you are, who and what you loved outside of your aspirations, to your aspirations. Succes is nothing if...