in | 02 May 2019


If you ask us, we’d probably tell you spring was our favourite time of year. Or maybe we’d say summer? Or fall is pretty nice too… And while we’re realising that each time of year has its own wonderful qualities to offer, we think that spring is probably one of the best times to travel.

The weather is no longer bitingly cold. The flowers are in bloom, and the air smells crisp and green. And the summer tourists have not yet descended upon all of the best destinations. Because really, who wants to wait in line in the blistering sun, fighting against the throngs of other weary travellers? Not us!

So because we still want to get away this season – or next, if you can’t get away in the next couple months – we decided to do a little research. We wanted to find places that were gorgeous and really felt like a vacation whilst still incorporating some opportunities for promoting wellness.

So, without further ado, we bring you our very favourite healthy retreats.

Margreteholm Mindfulness Manor

This gorgeous country estate in the enchanting wilderness of southern Sweden is a true sanctuary. When you stay there for one of their retreats, they encourage you to look within yourself to find peace and develop the skills to deal with today’s hectic world. It is run by holistic doctor and yoga teacher Julie Moltke-Huitfeldt and long-time Hatha and Pyramid yoga teacher Stefan Sartori Olesen. You’ll practice yoga and learn about mindfulness, all in a setting that feels as if you’ve fallen into the most beautiful fairy-tale ever.

Slow Escapes:

If you’re into mindfulness but not sold on going to the wilds of Sweden, then Lisa Maduro’s Slow Escapes might be just the ticket. Trained in both yoga teaching and Mindfulness MBSR, Maduro strives to bring together delicious healthy food, mindfulness and magic in gorgeous retreats in Portugal, Tuscany and many other wonderful places. You’ll learn how to gain full conscious awareness and achieve a healthier, happier, more balanced life. 

The Lakes by yoo:
Those of you who really want to embrace your inner Thoreau and get back to nature don’t have to head to Walden Pond. Instead, you can make the easy journey to the Cotswolds (an easy train ride away from London) to cosy up by the lake and hike the countryside. While you’re there, you’ll be able to find the ultimate relaxation thanks to four indulgent spa treatments over your four-day stay.


SHA Wellness Clinic:

When you cross the threshold at SHA Wellness Clinic, you are immediately immersed in the holistic beauty of the place. They focus on natural therapies, healthy nutrition and medical innovation (whether that’s ozone and serotherapy or traditional Chinese medicine) when you come here for one of their two-, four-, seven-, or 14-day detox programs. They are designed to help get you on your way to optimal health through clean eating, plenty of hydration, rest and exercise.