in | 20 Sep 2018



Let’s face it. Many of us consume far too much sugar. It’s hidden in packaged goods and many other places you might not suspect so well that it can feel almost impossible to avoid. But, since you’re already sweet enough, we think you don’t need the extra sweet stuff.



Cutting back on sugar – or cutting it out completely – is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Dialing it back has many benefits, from quashing immune issues to getting bright, clear skin to achieving your optimal gut health. Even if you’re just feeling a bit blah, limiting your sugar intake can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


So, how do you tackle this seemingly Herculean feat? Well, we have 6 ideas to kick the habit for good. 3 for right now and 3 for later. Pretty sweet, right?



Forget about low fat. It might sound crazy, but embracing full fat products is actually a really smart move. When manufacturers create low fat products, they’ve got to make them appealing somehow. And how do they do it? Replacing the fat they’ve removed with lots and lots of sugar. Even a small container of low fat yogurt can contain up to 6 teaspoons of sugar! Instead, reach for the good (plant-based) stuff, full of healthy, filling fats. You’ll stay fuller longer, and your body won’t be flooded with sugar that will turn into fat in your body.

Don’t be so fruity. Don’t get us wrong. We love fruit, especially in our juices. But instead of starting each morning with a sugar-packed glass of orange juice, try to sip on green juices without the fruit. Having The Fix with your breakfast will give you tons of energy and help reduce your overall intake of sugar. We’re not saying you can never have fruit or fruit juices, but try to mix it up with veg-forward drinks.

Say goodbye to health food bars. They seem like a pretty healthful option, no? Packed with nuts and seeds and dried fruit, these bars seem like a healthy godsend, but it’s not so. Even those with no added sugar are chock-a-block with dried fruit, which is actually 70 percent sugar. Treat these as special occasion treats or fill up on roasted nuts when that afternoon snack craving hits.



Revamp your morning routine. Many of us automatically reach for deliciously crunchy granola or hit the stove to whip up protein pancakes when that alarm goes off, but breakfast doesn’t have to be a sweet affair. Take your morning munching in a savory direction with a hearty grain, a breakfast salad or even a tofu scramble. Starting the day off on a savory note will cut down on cravings for the rest of the day as well as limiting your intake.

Get oiled up. Just as we told you to opt for full fat products, we want to encourage you to embrace fat on the whole, as long as they’re good fats. Learn to embrace coconut oil! It kick starts your metabolism, works as an anti-inflammatory and helps you lose weight. To combat cravings, whip up some bliss balls with coconut oil, raw cacao, almond butter and a pinch of Himalayan salt. Roll them into balls (and feel free to add shredded coconut or cacao nibs as a coating) and keep in the fridge so they’re chilled and ready to go when you want a treat.

Get comfortable in the kitchen. By no means do you have to be whipping up Michelin-starred food, but learning to cook is the best way you can control what goes into your body. Mastering make-ahead recipes full of healthy ingredients and packed with nutrients like hearty soups and chia puddings will ensure you’re well equipped to eat well all the time.