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Crystals and gemstones have been revered for thousands of years, many ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Romans, Sumerians, Japanese and Greeks believed in their metaphysical powers. Throughout the ages they've been thought to enhance physic abilities and been used for healing and enlightenment.

See below for a TCPJ exclusive discount code to buy crystals from the Dutch online store Rock your World. First let's learn a little more. Made from silicon and oxygen two of the most common elements on earth, crystals could be considered some of the very building blocks of life.

Each crystal or gemstone has different properties associated with it, however people believe it's important to see which stone you are naturally drawn to.

Place different ones in the palm of your hand and see how it feels, or simply close your eyes and see which gemstone you gravitate towards.

Crystals or gemstones can be used when meditating, kept in your pocket, placed on your desk in the office or you can buy jewellery that you wear daily.

They are said to come into your life for a period of time. If you lose one then it's no longer meant to be with you. Someone who needs that crystal more will find it. This all adds to the enigma and mystery surrounding crystals.

Skeptical? Try one and see how it feels. Nothing ventured nothing gained... are a local Dutch company who sell a collection of crystals. They've given us a special 20% discount code that can be used if you buy crystals online. They also have mood enhancing sprays and a collection of other wellbeing goodies so have a squiz at their website. We're big fans.

Newbees could try the Starter Stone Kit, which gives you eight crystals all with different benefits. You could scatter them around your home and office and feel the good vibrations filter through your life.

They also sell many different crystals with specific benefits. If you want a colon cleansing elixir you can even put your crystal in a glass of water.

Tourmaline keeps negative and bad vibes away.

Feeling stressed? Ground and relax yourself with the stress release kit which gives you Amethyst, Howlite and Aragonite as well as some other pampering goodies.

Boost your love life or self love with Rose Quartz.

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Want to know what gemstone best suits your temperament? We love the concept of Silatha a boutique jewellery brand. Their Dutch founder has formulated an online quiz that tells you what gemstone or crystal best suits you. Their jewellery comes in ten different stones and with a meditation app.