in | 13 Mar 2020

Combat Corona. Keep Calm & Drink Raw Fresh Juice!

With everything that’s going on in the world, the last thing we needed was some superbug. However, Coronavirus is real, it seems. While it felt far away for a while, the first reported cases in the Netherlands have turned up, so it’s time we get down to business. It’s time we stock up a little more on Vitamin C and give our immune system that extra boost.

While we feel there is no need for panic, it doesn't harm if we take it seriously when it comes to our health. Particularly those with compromised immune systems, babies and the elderly.

While some people may be going a little wild with protection, practically holing up in a bubble and avoiding all public spaces, that isn’t necessary at the moment. All you need to do for now is go back to basics aka consume what Mother Nature has to offer us and continue to check in with your body. Staying on top of how you feel, monitoring any possible symptoms, getting enough good nights sleep, rest, and by consuming fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices is the best way to ensure you’re healthy in the coming months.


So, ready to combat Corona? Excellent. Let’s do this!


- Make vitamin C your very best friend. As with many more common illnesses, ensuring you’re killing it in the vitamin C department is a great way to fend off Coronavirus. Stock up on our juices: The Reset, The Fix, The Mother of all Juices, The Glow and The Bedrock to flood your system with vitamin C! These juices are by far our juices that contain the most Vitamin C! Yay!


- Maintain a healthy immune system. This may sound tricky, but it can be as simple as tossing back some of our super concentrated immune-boosting shots every day. While we love them all, the Ginger and Turmeric + Orange + Black Pepper shots are the most effective for bolstering that immune system. Another great way to give your immune system a boost is to daily take probiotics. You can find probiotics in our juice The Pro, add it as a smoothie booster to any of your favourite smoothies, purchase a family and kid friendly jar with multiple probiotic supplements at all of our locations or even better yet....find it in our new smoothie: The Anti-Corona smoothie! Which contains kale, orange, kiwi, ginger, probiotics and the absolute vitamin C powerhouse superfood: camu camu.


- Reduce stress and anxiety. You might think, what does this have to do with the Corona virus? Simple, stress attacks and lowers the immune system, making you more prone to catch anything. So go to bed on time, sleep well, meditate, create space and time for you to do what makes you happy and hang with those souls that make you smile and feel good. 


- Clean up your diet. Avoid sugary and processed foods. Why? Because what you put in your mouth can either impact your immune system in a positive or negative way. And these items will weaken all your cells. Instead opt for a plant-based and as much as possible raw clean diet. Natural foods will heal and strengthen you. Your body also will absorb more minerals, nutrients and vitamins from raw fruit and vegetables! And what better way to get the most vitamins all at once?! By drinking raw cold pressed juice! So many abundant raw fruit, vegetables, herbs and superfoods go into our juice bottles, which get absorbed straight into your bloodstream, healing your cells.


Sip your way to great health! See you never Corona!