in LEARN | 21 Mar 2017

Spring fashion trends, but first you must....

With summer in sight you can delight in the fact it’s almost time to put that winter coat into storage. Those winter woolies you’ve come to love will slowly fade from use, and you can treat yourself to a few new spring purchases. First do the hard yards and give your wardrobe a bit of a cleanse.

Yes, we believe not only in juice cleanses but also in wardrobe cleanses. The premise is simple. Detox your wardrobe of what you don’t need, for a more streamlined you. Keep that pieces that radiate style, and give you that feel good feeling.

“Have nothing... that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”  - 19th century designer William Morris. Clothes should have a practical function, and they should be beautiful. At least you should feel top notch when you wear them.

Our consumerist society is lead to believe that more is more. We need variation. We need something for every possible occasion we may one day encounter. Yet less is actually more. With less, you'll like more of what you own, and you’ll probably find yourself actually wearing more. Plus you can feel oh so zen and proud when you look at your minimalist tidy wardrobe. 

So where to begin? Get a little messy. Pull everything out of its place and sort through garments one by one. If you want to make it a little more entertaining we recommend grabbing a friend and some of our sweet treats. 

Look at each item. Ponder the following…

When did you last wear it?

Is it flattering?

Does the colour suit you?

Do you feel wonderful when you wear it?

Is it a classic piece, or has the trend come and gone?

Can you layer it?

Can you think of three ways to style it with other items you have?

Does it have any stains? Holes? Unwanted rips?

Be ruthless.

Create three piles.



It’s time to cull your winter woolies collection. Keep a few practical warm things you can layer, the rest can go into storage for next winter.



Anything that you love but are sad to lose because it was expensive or you never really wore it or the style just doesn’t really suit you anymore sell. Book a stall at IJhallen, or make a clothes swap day with a bunch of friends.



By the process of elimination… Anything left over donate to a worth charity. There are so many. There’s the saying your trash is another man’s treasure for a reason. Someone less fortunate will so appreciate those jeans that no longer fit you, or those leather boots that have gone out of style. You can bask in the fact you’ve helped make someone else’s life that little better.

There are so many Refugees on our door step in need of clothing, shoes, books. Try Wereldhuis. Or donate to Leger des Heils or Rataplan.

And now, what you’re all been waiting for. Your wardrobe is looking clean and minimal, and maybe just maybe like it could use a little vamping. If you wear classic good quality basics year round, it’s justifiable to pick up a few extra pieces to spice up your look seasonally. Without further ado, we’ve scoured all the latest fashion crazes, here’s some spring trends you’re sure to run into.


Stone is in. The colour between beige and tan. Suits, jeans, shirts, everything.

Wide vertical stripes. Just like a deck chair. Bring summer to you this year... (ladies this one goes for you too)

Pink. Yes pink for men. Pink suits apparently will be all the rage. If you’re a little dubious, just try a pink tee.

Hiking wear. Like active wear it’s coolest if you’re not hiking when wearing it.

The cap is back. Just the standard cap. Try it in stone, pink, denim or just your favourite colour.


Floral dresses, not only are they on trend they’ll also give you that fresh spring feeling

White jeans + all white everything. At least it’ll make you look more tanned.

One shoulder tops, this 90s gem is making a come back.

Trench coats. They are the perfect in-between season jacket, and a classic timeless piece.

50 shades of pink - fuchsia, strawberry, magenta, rose, peach… we want them all.

So there you have it. You cleansed your wardrobe. You did some good for others. And you treated yourself. Sounds like the perfect recipe to set you into a happy, stylish spring.