in | 25 Jul 2019


Ever since we were little, we’ve all heard the same thing: drink more water! While the recommended amount shifts every once in a while, there’s always been a consensus that hydration is incredibly important for our health. Being properly hydrated ensures that our organs function properly, that our skin glows as much as possible and that we maintain healthy weights.


But, that being said, we think we all can agree that getting those eight 8-ounces glasses of plain water in every day can be tough. It can even be a little boring, don’t you think? If you were to pour all those glasses into a bucket, you’d see just how much water it actually is. A lot.


Now that it’s summer, it’s particularly important to stay hydrated. Now that it’s summer, it’s particularly easy to ignore our hydration needs. We’ve just got so much going on that we often put hydration on the back burner, but that is a huge no-no.


Dehydration is never a good thing, particularly in the long run, but there are actually a lot of noticeable consequences even right away. If you’ve ever spent an evening sipping nice, chilled white wine and maybe forgotten to alternate with water, you’ll recognise them right away. Dizziness, headaches, dark yellow urine, cramping, dull dry skin and dry eyes are all obvious symptoms of dehydration. We’re sure we all can agree that nobody wants to experience any of that. So what do we do about it?


Hydrate, of course. Luckily, water is not the only source of…water. In fact, you’d actually have to drink looooads more water every day – close to 100 ounces – to stay properly hydrated if you weren’t hydrating with anything else. That’s where water-rich foods come in. These foods provide about 20 percent of our daily fluids. They are the easiest and most delicious way to stay properly hydrated.


Here are some of our absolute favourite water-rich foods.


Cucumber: Even if you’re not down with crunching on a whole cucumber like it’s an apple, adding slices to your water pitcher or to your salads is a great way to up your hydration. They’re actually 95.2% water, so they are a pretty sure bet for getting your fluids in. It also has natural cooling properties that aid in preventing overheating and dehydration. Try The Reset or The Fix.


Strawberries: They may seem sweet and unassuming, but strawberries are about 92% water. Win! Not only are they super tasty but they’re also ideal for getting in that water. Try The Power Breaky or the Strawberry Lemon Chia Seed Pudding.


Spinach: Eating your greens is good for you no matter what your goal is, but it turns out that getting plenty of water is made easy by upping your greens consumption. Dark, leafy greens like spinach are actually close to 100% water by weight. Crazy, no? Try The MOAJ (The Mother of All Juices) or The Lightsaber.


Watermelon: We like to think of watermelon as nature’s candy in summer. Just like spinach, watermelon is nearly 100% water by weight, so this refreshing, cooling treat is perfect for helping with overall hydration. Though we don’t add watermelon to anything at TCPJ, we highly recommend cubing up a bunch of it and adding it to your Middle Eastern Tabbouleh Salad. It’s delicious; trust us.


Oranges: Who doesn’t love a bit of OJ in the morning, right? Well, thankfully it’s one of the best things you can consume to help with your hydration. For every 180 grams of orange you eat, you’ll be getting 156 grams of water. That makes them 85% water by weight. Try The Bedrock or The Reset.