in | 02 May 2019


In just a little over a week, the mother of all holidays descends upon us. What is it, you ask? Why, Mother’s Day of course! The day we get to celebrate the wonderful women who brought us into the world, raised us or simply made us feel as if we had a place and a purpose on this earth. 

Mamas give so much. They spend years caring for others and ensuring that they feel loved. So, on this one day a year (though we certainly hope you’re showing your mom a lot of love every day!), we want to honour them, to celebrate them. Because our moms are just the best, aren’t they?

Your mom probably always wanted you to be healthy, encouraging you to be active and eat well, so now is the time to return the favour. Rather than sticking to the boring old Mother’s Day activities and gifts, we dreamed up a plan for celebrating Mother’s Day the healthy way. So let’s grab a Ginger Shot, and let’s toast all the incredible mamas out there.


You don’t have to take your mom out for an indulgent, unhealthy dinner. Instead, why not cook a healthy brunch for the two of you to enjoy? Order a couple smoothies on UberEats to tide you over while you whip up a sweet potato hash and a chickpea omelette to go with it. Add a little side salad to pack in the greens and maybe The MOAJ, and you’re good to go. Your mom will love sharing a wholesome, delicious brunch with you.


Getting a little bit of peace and inner calm is the perfect healthy activity to do with your mother. Start the day with a short and sweet guided meditation that will help your mom feel your love for her. This 5-minute guided meditation will help you achieve your bliss, but feel free to do it on your own!


Naturally, your mom is already the height of class, but one of our favourite things to do for Mother’s Day is to take a class together! Book two bikes next to each other at Rocycle or slip into some matching leggings and grab a reformer near your mom at PLTS. Sweating it out together will bring you closer together, and there’s no better gift than an endorphin rush!


You’re in The Netherlands, after all, so one of the loveliest ways to celebrate Mother’s Day the healthy way is to grab your sunglasses and take your mom out for a beautiful bike ride in the sun. We love biking out to the Amsterdamse Bos, the perfect peaceful place to soak up the beauty of nature with your mama.


This one may sound a little unusual, but keeping track of your mom’s check-up appointments is a wonderful way to show her you care about her and her health. Make sure she’s on top of all of her necessary screenings like mammograms and osteoporosis screenings. If you really want your mother to feel her best, you can even go to a nutritionist together to find out the best, healthiest diet for you both!