in | 15 Dec 2017

And a Happy New Moon


For centuries, people have been aware of the effects of the moon. The moon was worshipped to cultivate agriculture, for women to honor their cycles, to connect to the spirit world, and so many other things. And to this day, influences are visible in nature. The gravitational pull of the moonlight controls the tides of the oceans. The highest tides occur during the full and new moon, causing hurricanes and tornadoes to happen more often. Storms intensify. Water flows through plants differently. Animals behave differently. But what about us? Do we behave differently too? Should we?

“We live by the sun, we feel by the moon”

In astrology, ancient ritual and philosophy, the sun is meant to give us spirit and energy, and the moon, she gives us our soul and emotions. La luna. She carries a feminine, yin energy, enhancing our intuition. We know the moon comes in four different phases, and each phase carries a distinctive energy on its own. You could compare them with the four seasons of the year. To tune in to this vibrational diversity can be fruitful in many areas of your life. It’s never a bad idea to consider a natural rhythm to flow and live by. Here's wave from peak to through. Full moon being the peak, new moon the valley. We need both to keep our balance.  


New Moon

The new, dark moon, she would be winter. Time to go inward. Though this moon seems shy, she has a lot going for us. It is believed to be a time of transformation and healing, so we should allow ourselves to reflect and recharge. Creativity is flowing, and as we internalize, we could have a look at our inner aspirations and dreams.

Theme: New beginnings

Ritual: Plan some me-time. Slow down, ground, give yourself the gift of stillness. Now that you found the space for it, set new intentions. Make a list of what you would like to draw into your life. There’s actual scientific proof that writing down your goals makes them more likely to be achieved!

Workout: Walks, hikes, light runs, yin yoga. Anything meditative. 


Full moon

Full moon would be summer, active and alive. It is said that lunar energy is at its strongest during this phase. Manifestation is in the air, emotions run high. You might feel a little crazy (lunatic). This is a time to externalize and express.

Themes: Power, Release

Ritual: Everything you have been brewing up inside since New Moon, or longer, it's time to put it out there. That can be on a bright note, through ideas and projects that you are taking to another level, but it can also concern hinderances, situations or people that no longer serve you. Think of whatever it is in your life that's holding you back, and find your ways to let it go, literally or symbolically. 

Workout: Dancing, boxing, Rocycle, power yoga. Anything sweaty and active.


Moving from New Moon to New Year’s

The same way you plant your seeds in winter for them to grow and blossom over the summer, your intentions might grow when you seed them during New Moon. Keep them front of mind all throughout the next moon cycle. Next New Moon is on the 18th of December. Perfect timing for us to look back on last year, and set our intentions, for the upcoming lunar cycle or upcoming year. On the night of New Year’s day, is that a coincidence, the moon goes full circle again. Let's see what we can co-create.