in | 19 Oct 2017

Amsterdam Dance Event


It’s that time of the year again. Amsterdam’s notorious Dance Event is around the corner. Being a leading electronic music platform, and the biggest club festival in the world, this is a time where Amsterdam blossoms. It is not only reserved to be up in the club till dawn, but there will be conferences, exhibitions, performances, all sorts of day and night playtime. If you know you are going to be lured into the beautiful dark of night, there is a chance you’ll be having substances (drinks?) that aren’t necessarily cold pressed. We’re here to provide some possible damage control.


 Preparation is key

 It is quite simple. The severity of your hangover has a lot to do with the state of your body before you dive in. Make sure you’re well rested and well fed before you embark on your nocturnal adventures. Try to catch as many zzz’s as you can, and have enough rich, high quality calories during the day.


Protect your stomach

Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Honestly, tomorrow you will thank yourself for this one. Have enough (raw coconut) water during the day, but also squeeze some in at the bar. Have a full glass on your nightstand or a bottle our coconut water stand by in your fridge. What also helps, is making sure you had enough healthy fats that day. Carbs will help absorbing the alcohol.


 Pick your battles.

Quality over quantity, please. Our nutritionist Sharon taught us that different types of alcohol give different types of hangovers. We hear that when you go hard, clear liquor is better than cloudy. Sharon reminded us that apart from the type of alcohol, the amount of sugar, caffeine, and preservatives in your drink will have big impact too. Ever thought of mixing up a juice like The Pro or The Glow?


Fuel up the next day

Power shots are a great way of stashing up on vitamins. B vitamins will activate your livers detoxification process. E3live is full of those, and essential amino acids too. Ginger helps soothe the inflammation and is great for detoxification, as are green juices. The Fix isn’t called the Fix for nothing...


Break a sweat

This will automatically happen when you’re breaking it down on the dance-floor, of course, so here’s your excuse to twerk out all the toxins (you’re welcome). The day after, working out might be the least appealing activity off them all, but probably also one of the most effective. It will bring you back to life if you let it. If you really can’t bear to make your way to a rejuvenating hot yoga or Rocycle class, the sauna or even a brisk walk might sound like friendlier options.


So yes, kids, be safe out there. But have fun. Eat, drink, be merry. Shake your booty. Indulge a little. We’re open the next day to hand you your coconut water. You don’t even have to take of your sunglasses. We’re here to support. We’ve said this before, we’ll say it again; it’s all about the balance. In case you feel you really over indulged, we still have a special one off promotion till the end of this month. Clear out any toxins with one of our healing juice cleanses after ADE and enjoy a 10% on your cleanse with us til October 31st!