in | 22 Feb 2018

All About the Algae: What Are Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue Majik, E3live?


A lot of the FAQ in our stores have to do with the ever so ingenious and mysterious ingredients you find in our products sometimes. Some of them are impossible to pronounce. Some of them come from afar. And some of them involve a lively substance called algae. Whether you’re attracted by its pigment, taste, or smell (ahem), we understand the question marks, and we’re here to dismantle some of the unknown. 



So algae have been out here for a while, something like 2 billion years. They are little aquamatic organisms that, just like plants, can do a trick called photosynthesis: they use up light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and hydrogen from water, and turn it into carbohydrates, proteins and lipids to live off (hows that for a diet). The only thing that differs them from plants is the fact that they don’t have stems, roots, leafs, but they’re not animals either. It’s a very diverse, fascinating group of living creatures, and they contribute to our existence in a massive way by generating oxygen. According to Linda Graham, a professor of botany at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, they are responsible for half the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere!


Nutritional benefits

Apart from taking care of half our breaths, they are also one of the most nutrient rich foods on this planet, especially beneficial for vegans. When trying to be your healthiest self, turning to supplements, these are almost impossible to leave out. The benefits are endless. Because they are so high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti oxidants, they support your immune system in a massive way. Algae have the highest protein rate of all foods, plant or animal, and can also get you your amino acid B12, which can be a little harder to find in plant-world sometimes. When we are advised to eat fish for our omega 3’s, we can move up one chain and go straight to the source, as fish get theirs through algae too.



Arthrospira platensis is the world’s first superfood, which now grows naturally in the sea and salty lakes in the subtropics. This micro-algae is the one most commonly used, found as a powder or in supplement form, and is also highest in protein of all algae, containing between 55 to 70%.

Our Juicery products of choice: The Pret-a-Protein Juice, the Mango Green Protein Smoothie, The Super Bowl, or ask for it separately as a booster to your juice, smoothie, or smoothie bowl.



The real time detoxifier. It is scientifically proven to prevent your body from diseases, even from cancer. It has the ability to wrap itself around harmful toxins loitering in the body and prevent them from being reabsorbed

Our Juicery product of choice: the Superbowl, and comes as a booster too.


Blue Majik.

Probably the most spectacular colour we have in store, this powder is an extract derived from Spirulina. The beautiful blue pigment contains a combination of anti oxidants that is not seen in regular Spirulina powder. 

Our Juicery product of choice: the Astronauts Fuel juice, the Blue Majik & Ginger Superfoodlatte.



Also known as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (bless you), this is a wild blue-green algae that grows in places like climate lakes. According to chinese medicine, this stuff works on the heart-mind connection, so will give you a mental buzz. It’s scientifically proven to benefit your body’s neurotransmitters.  Comes in liquid state. 

Our Juicery product of choice: The E3live Shot.