in SEE | 15 Apr 2016

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead The Cold Pressed Juicery


If you need more convincing that juicing is a way to looking, feeling, and being better, have a look a Joe Cross’ documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead. The first half follows Joe, an overweight Australian man forced to take steroids to help with his rare auto-immune disease. He spends 60 days travelling across America drinking nothing but fruit and vegetable juice in an attempt to lose weight and take control of his health.


Joe’s story and improvements alone make you want to put down the frietjes and pick up a juice but during this period, Joe meets Phil, a morbidly obese truck-driver with the same auto-immune disease as him. The second half follows Phil on his journey to weight loss and great health and his quest to educate his community about the benefits of rebooting your system by cleansing and eating right. This award winning documentary is nothing short of inspiring and is definitely a must-see for the entire family. You can watch the film for free on Joe’s website