in CONNECT | 06 Jul 2016

Malu Ultee


This month we’re featuring everyone’s favourite vegan, Malu Ultee. Malu became vegan two years ago when she decided that she wanted to fuel her body with the best, most nutrient-dense food. She’s also of the belief that you should only eat meat if you are able to kill the animal yourself and if you’re not a baby, you shouldn't be drinking breast milk or eating products made from breast milk. In order to maintain her lifestyle, she cooks a lot and knows how to make adjustments to non-vegan food. She eats very healthy for the most part but if she wants pizza, she orders it with no cheese. She really dislikes the fact that for outsiders, veganism seems restrictive but to her, veganism is choosing to live better and be healthier.


For Malu the most annoying thing about being vegan is people asking about protein deficiency and making outrageous claims like humans are biologically carnivorous because of our their teeth but she says that monkeys have more “meat” teeth than us but they eat a diet consisting of mainly fruit, leaves, and vegetables. At first she was bothered by the fact that people would keep making fun of the fact that she was vegan but now she doesn’t care anymore. If you’ve ever spoken to Malu, chances are she left you considering switching to a vegan lifestyle. If you’re curious about veganism or want more information about it, Malu suggests you watch documentaries like Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, The Best Speech Ever, and Farm to Fridge.



What is your favourite place to eat?

I love salads from SLA or the Dophert burger from Dophert

What is your guilty pleasure?

I actually eat a lot of sugar. I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

What is your morning ritual?

I wake up, I drink tons of water, I take 5 deep breaths, I say three things I am grateful for, I take a cold shower (wakes me up), watch something on youtube and then make my breakfast.

What is your most important self care practice?

I have a very addictive personality and it’s easy for me to get addicted to something, especially my phone so in addition to my iPhone, I have a Nokia from the supermarket that I bought for 15 euros two years ago and my iPhone stays at home most of the time. To unplug, I go to the forrest minimum twice a week. I also workout and sleep a lot.

What makes you happiest?

Nature! It makes me feel so good and I never want to leave.

What's the one thing we're allowed to wake you up in the middle of the night for?

A vegan sushi bowl or a Dophert burger

What is your favourite and least favourite memories of working at TCPJ?

Back in the beginning, working with Nath on sales and Suzanne and Joris in the kitchen was so much fun. It was crazy but it was fun. My least favourite memories are when colleagues who became friends left the company. Also now that we’ve expanded, everything is a lot more structured than in the beginning and I’m not a big fan of changes.



Want to meet Malu in person? You can find this bright personality mainly at our Prinsengracht 154 location or Willemsparkweg 8!